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A Sweet and Entertaining Teacher....

I learn something new about animals every time I have a communication. I learn about myself, the animals and their awareness of the world they share with us. If ever I needed proof that each animal is an individual (I don't. I already know this), a very happy boy named Luciano made it abundantly clear.

Luciano, or Luchi (his family calls him Luchi, but when he introduced himself I heard Lucky) is a young cat who was very forthcoming with his information. He wasn't excessively chatty, but when he offered tidbits of information, it was clear and pretty precise. Allow me to paint a little visual for you first. When he first appeared to me, Luchi was all smiles! His demeanor was very playful, excited, and happy. I said "Hello, Luciano! Would you like to talk to me?" and he bounced in smiling, then sat down and said "You can call me Luchi!". He was quite eager for the session.

Luchi described his family as being very big. He mentioned another cat who does not live there, as a friend. Showed me his comfort spot under the bed, and then sat waiting for questions from his humans. Right before the session, I began feeling ill. I felt feverish and had some abdominal (but not really stomach) cramping, It was weird. Literally came out of nowhere. When I mentioned these symptoms to the humans, they confirmed that they both had COVID (now recovered thankfully!) but both had those symptoms. The moment this was confirmed, my symptoms went away. Lesson 1: The animals will transfer symptoms to me so that I can understand what they are trying to convey.

Luchi's humans were very excited to talk to Luchi through me. They asked about travel and if Luchi enjoyed it. Here is what is interesting. Luchi not only understood the question, but he added a differential element by comparing air travel to car travel. He had a preference and explained why. Lesson 2: animals can tell the difference between two like things and have preferences. The next question was regarding food. Was he satisfied with his food? At first, Luchi said yes, but then added salmon and turkey. He told me there was a change in the food recently and would like to still have some of the old food mixed in. Yes. There was a change recently, and yes Salmon and Turkey were some of the moist options he preferred. In fact, the humans had salmon a few nights prior and Luchi desperately wanted some.

Another great question was regarding stimulation. His humans wanted to know if he was sufficiently stimulated with his toys. Luchi showed me slippers with toys inside and then playfully showed me books and reading glasses. Neither the humans wore glasses, so I was curious about that. Then I realized, I wear reading glasses. Lesson 3: the animals will show me things that I understand or relate to so that I can best describe to their humans. That is a whole other level of communication! After some discussion, Luchi clarified that he would like a toy that hides treats. Something he had to work at to get them. While he already has a "puzzle-type" toy, that one does not produce treats. Lesson 4: Animals understand "cause and effect".

One of the most touching moments for me, was when Luchi shared two things he does with his humans, separately. He sits above his mom and pulls her hair through his mouth like a comb and he pats his dad's face with his paws. He does these things as expressions of love. Each differently. Lesson 5: Animals understand different personalities and roles in the family and adjust their behavior according to each one.

At the end of the session, Luchi repeated something mentioned earlier. He said his human mom should put her legs up. Earlier, I mentioned that I saw legs on an ottoman. They have a recliner that the human dad sits on occasionally. Luchi used to sit on it often. We got distracted by other things and left that topic. Luchi brought it up again, insisting that SHE needs to put her legs up. That is when the human female confirmed: Yes, my ankle is swollen from an incident. With that acknowledgement Luchi left the topic alone. Lesson 6: Animals understand and retain information. They are able to circle back and add clarifiers, until we understand them.

The final lesson, Lesson 7, graciously taught by this beautiful boy, is that animals do hear us. They understand what is being said around them. Luchi was told that they would be moving soon. His first comment was "with me?". Just like a child who gets insecure at times, he wanted to make sure he would be moving with them. Then, he asked if they were going to that fun warm place. It took a little prodding, but then the humans realized that they had been talking extensively about moving to the Caribbean. Luchi heard them, saw the images in their minds, and made the connection.

At the end of the session, all 3 of my clients, humans and cat, were very happy. They were given the opportunity to communicate in a new way. This communication was inciteful to them both. Of course, Luchi had a small shopping list for his humans: specific food, a puzzle toy that gives treats, and a thin harness for walks. He is curious and loves adventures!

I am so grateful for Luchi and all the animals for always teaching me something about myself and the world we share. Animals are not less than simply because they don't speak human. We are equals, with different skill sets, sharing this glorious planet.

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