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An Interesting Conversation

I am one of those people that find every conversation interesting, but there are some that stand out either in what was said or what was brought into the conversation. Often times when I communicate with animals, they will allow another being to come in or Spirit drops something into my head that is important to the conversation. This is not coming from the animal, but from Source or Spirit. Usually that opens up an entire new dimension to the conversation and I am left amazed and surprised and sometimes confused. For those who work closely with their Spirit Guides, Angels, and Source, you know that a lot of messages are a bit cryptic. I can't tell you how many times I said out loud to myself "can you please just tell me plainly?". Of course, I get the sense that they laugh at that point. I have to figure it out. Nothing is really that easy, but it can be easier with practice.

The other night, I had a session with an old boy named Max. We had spoken before and this was just a mini session to check in on him. His human loves him very much and wanted to make sure he was adjusting well to their new home. Max is very non-chalent. His demeanor is very similar to Sam Elliot.....good sense of humor but not overt. He is rather dry, very intelligent, observant, and the biggest mush on the inside. That evening, I called out to Max and he came to mind with a very casual, "oh! hello". I did see a little tail wag, so I knew we were good. The following is part of the conversation, with a little surprise injected from Spirit at the end:

Me: Hi Max! Your mom wants to have another chat all together. She wants to know how you are doing with the new place and all that.

Max: Things WERE going well, settling in nicely, Then it started up again. Sigh.

Me: Really?

Max: Yes. There is a lot of commotion again. It will settle again, I suppose.

Me: How do you feel about Pippa moving in?

Max: (detected a little giggle) I feel bad she is separated from me. Not sure if I want her around all the time though. But she is more mature. Cute little one.

Me: It would be great if you two could get along in the same space! I can ask her to respect your boundaries more. Can you be patient with her while she learns?

Max: Yes, of course.

Me: So, what else is going on? How are you feeling?

Max: I'm okay I guess. Is mom okay? She seems more tense.

Me: Yes, she is. She is just worried about you and Pipa and the family. Mainly you right now.

Max: (showing symbols for love) I'm ok. (Symbol for lost limb).

(The symbol for the lost limb was very confusing to me and to his mom. The symbol did not go away until we figured out the meaning. This is how I know I have relayed the message properly- when the message moves on or goes out of mind, it has been received correctly. If it persists, and sometimes becomes bigger, then I missed the mark and must try to find the right way to relay their meaning).

Me: Your mom wants to know how you are feeling with your stomach.

Max: It's okay. I don't like all the medicine. Makes me feel cloudy.

Me: I get it. It should be finished soon.

Max: I talk to Pops a lot. I know he will be waiting for me....Ginger too. I am not afraid at all.

Me: Max, what do you mean? Are you leaving soon?

Max: No, not soon. But soon enough. I lived a really good life. I think I will let Pippa lead now, with my guidance. She's still young (laughing). ( imagine of baton being handed to next)

Elliot and a hand with pen came to mind. My client and I talked about who it could be and decided it was TS Elliot. Since neither of us really knew the significance, we started looking up some works. "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" stood out. Many things resonated but it will take some time to figure out the significance to my client and to Max. This was the surprise from Spirit and it could not have been more cryptic!

We ended the session as we always do......with an exchange of love and gratitude. I was left feeling as if I just spent the afternoon with my favorite grandfather, and while nothing huge happened, it was the best afternoon ever. Remember that feeling? Just being in the presence of an elder and listening to them, and watching them. It was as if their knowledge and wisdom seeped into me through osmosis or something. It was a good feeling. A good connection.

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