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Find Your Tail

"I was in Mommy's arms, and she was moving back and forth. We were dancing. Mommy sang softly in my ear along with the song playing on her friend Alexa., "You are so Beautiful." I felt the energy around Mommy. It was bright and warm, glowing, and filled with love. I placed my paws on her shoulders and kissed her face. Mommy was so beautiful to me. I wished we could stay this way forever.

"After dancing, we said goodbye to Alexa and sat on the couch to watch some TV. I didn't care what was on, so long as it wasn't anything too loud. I just enjoyed being close together. I was next to Mommy with my head on her lap. She was petting me and holding me close. Mommy put a thin blanket over us to keep us extra snuggly. Sister came home and saw us snuggling together. I looked up at her, wondering why anyone would disturb us at his time. My tail wagged. My tail showed that I was happy to see Sister. Sometimes I needed my tail to remind me to embrace happy moments." (157, Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale)

This passage is so rich with emotions and little lessons, and it is told to us by a dog named Little Bear. Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale is a work of love; it is the combined efforts of Little Bear and myself. After his passing, Little Bear communicated with me his memories and thoughts on life. In what I now see as a frantic effort to not let go of him, I spent days writing down everything he told me and asked questions about things he said. I cried. I laughed. I cried some more. By the end of this stage of note-taking, I realized I had a wonderful book filled with warmth, love, and life lessons. Little Bear was hot to have me share it with the world. He was very persistent, popping in often adding something to the text, and keeping me on task. The entire process was also very healing for me.

In the passage above, Little Bear describes one of many moments we shared together. I can remember this particular day clearly. It is one of the moments I hold precious in my heart and mind. It is bitter-sweet, but I am trying to embrace the joy that was felt at that time, instead of remembering it with sadness. As Little Bear shows us, each moment presents us with a choice. For him, the moment above could have been ruined if he allowed his mind to be annoyed at the "interruption". Instead, thanks to his tail, he chose to go with the flow and be happy.

Even though we do not have a physical tail, we can still make choices in each moment to be happy. When we "go with the flow", our lives become richer, simpler, happier, and more joyful. I am taking Little Bear's advice and often imagine I have a tail. Little Bear still visits me often and laughs with me often at this image. It's funny, but it does serve to remind me to get out of my Ego and embrace the happy moments.

May you all find your tail and embrace every joyful moment life presents you.

Little Bear's story is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. Animal Communication sessions are available by appointment. Email

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