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Finding Joy . . . A Dog's Tale

After the passing of my most beloved companion, Little Bear, I was blessed with messages from him. The messages were filled with love and strength and comfort. During his life, Little Bear "trained" me in Animal-Speak. It was fun and enjoyable during his life, but the true purpose of his training became clear after his passing. Little Bear had a story to tell, lessons to teach, and ideas to share with the world!

Finding Joy . . . A Dog's Tale is HIS memoir. This is the story of his life's journey to find joy and purpose in his extraordinarily ordinary life! Finding Joy is told from his perspective and through the gift of interspecies communication, the reader is able to experience his life, hear his and nature's messages, and hopefully help realize their own joy and peace with life and the afterlife.

This book took about 18 months to complete. It was an experience like no other, because each memory he shared with me brought me both joy and sadness for losing him in the physical world. However, because of his communication with me, I know that Little Bear is still with me, still very much part of the Universe, and is still guiding and protecting me from across the Rainbow Bridge.

I encourage everyone to grab a copy. It is truly a gift from beyond and offers hope and peace in times that seem otherwise. Thank you in advance!

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