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Goodbye leads to Joy

One of the most painful and yet most satisfying sessions I encounter, or those that involve an animal companion who has passed away. Time after time, I am blessed to witness the unconditional love from an animal for their humans. Yes, humans love their beloved companions too, there is no denying that. Yet, animals have a unique ability to love purely, deeply, and without complicating it with other stuff. "Stuff" is what we call the Ego.

One of my last sessions was with a beautiful old gent named Brutus. What a spirit he had/has! Brutus is the epitome of a being who loved life, accepted life's end, and loves the afterlife just as fiercely. From the beginning of my connection with him, Brutus showed me his sense of humor! He also described himself and had zero hesitation in stating that he liked to be in everyone's business. This is a trait a human being would deny or be embarrassed about. Brutus embraced it and took his place in it without excuses or apologies. It was his place to know what everyone was doing and he loved it!

At the start of this post, I said that these sessions are both painful and satisfying. The painful part is obvious. Losing someone is never easy. Hearing the pain in the humans' voices and feeling their pain hurts. However, the messages from the animals are always healing, always full of love, and when I witness that "lift" of spirit in the humans it is so satisfying. It is one of the main reasons why I love to hold sessions with animals.

Brutus showed me where he was, and it was the exact place (different area though) that Little Bear showed me. For those new to this blog, Little Bear is my dog who passed away in 2019. He was the inspiration and ghostwriter (quite literally) of Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale, which depicts his life as told from his perspective. An animal's perspective is not only interesting but also very insightful. Anyway, the place Brutus showed me is what Little Bear calls "JOY". I wrote a poem before writing the book. By the end of the book, I realized that the Poem was a precursor to the book. It is in the book at the end. I offer it to you now, as a gift.

A Place Called Joy

There is a place across the bridge

All animals call Joy

There is no pain, fear, or loneliness

Just love, happiness, and joy.

The humans there were once in Life

Rewarded with endless days

Of snuggles, play, and happiness

Eternal Joy- In all ways.

The abused, neglected, and mistreated

Remember not their pain.

Finally, free of everything

That represents a chain.

With bellies full and gentle hands

Love is every Being's gain.

Forever in the land of Joy

All Beings feel the peace

The moment they touch the sacred ground

They experience caprice.

Someday I hope to cross the Bridge

that leads me to great Joy.

I'll feel the love and happiness

Of all who gave me joy.

Until that day, I'll carry on

In my heart, you will remain

Reminding me of our great love,

Comforting till we meet again.

Then someday...

I'll know it's time

I'll hear your call

I'll see your face..

Greeting me with happiness

At the Rainbow Bridge that leads to JOY.

Here is a beautiful picture of Brutus. I was grateful to have met him, even if only in our session.

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