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Horse Spirit

I have always loved horses. Growing up in the Bronx, none of us "owned" horses or rode them, unless you were lucky to have the funds to go to Van Cortlandt Stables and go on a guided trail ride. Most of us didn't. But I loved to go and see them. Sometimes, the keepers would let me and my little ones pet the horses. All of them were so beautiful. What I didn't know, until many years later, is that according to certain birth charts and astrology things, I am a Triple Horse. The month, day, year, and time of birth mean I am guided by Horse Spirit. Since I don't know much about this stuff, for me, being a Triple Horse just sounds really cool and helped me understand my connection to horses in general.

My love of horses has never died. To this day, I admire them and love being around them or talking to them. I am not surprised that one of the first animals outside my Little Bear whom I intentionally communicated with was a horse named Finn. As an Animal Communicator, most of my animal clients are dogs and cats. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to them as well! But on the few occasions when my client is a horse.....Woo weeeeeee! I am so excited to have the session.

The other night, I had a session with a lovely lady named Brit. She is a 25-year-old horse, half thoroughbred and half quarter horse. Speaking with her was like talking to a lovely old neighbor who still has a lot of spunk but the wisdom of years. She spoke freely about her physical state as well as her emotional state. She held nothing back. There wasn't any message of complaint. Instead, she mentioned her aches and pains as a matter of course, "after all, I am 25 years old!". She was very particular about which photo she wanted me to see, not in a vain way. But a girl is particular about how she is viewed, after all!

Although Brit is getting on in years, she has a very young spirit. She loves her human and loves to interact with other horses. In fact, she even told us that she favors one of the male horses in the barn. When she mentioned him, she became a little flustered and giggly.

Horse Spirit generally represents having great motivation throughout your life, enjoying and loving freedom, having great instincts, and also very strong emotions. Brit definitely embodied these traits throughout her life and even now in her dreams for her future. She looks forward to a future of grazing with other horses, but not yet. She still wants to be where she is and enjoys as much time as her human has to share with her.

I felt so tuned in to Brit's energy, I could almost feel her as if I was petting her. I also know it is 100% because Brit allowed that connection. At 25, she knows who she is and what she likes. She doesn't want to perform and is so thrilled her current human treats her as a companion and friend. She is a beautiful soul and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with her. This is the picture that Brit wanted me to use. She said it shows "my sensitivity, my soulfulness, and you can see I am smiling shyly" I do see it! Do you, readers?

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