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Queen Lola

During the Door to Spirit event, Lola came through with a few messages and reminders for her humans. Some of the information did not resonate with her humans, but that's ok! Remember, our companions hear and see things from their perspective and that doesn't always match up with the human perspective.

She said her name Lola was said in a sing-songy way and was said like "Lola Loloabrigita". I heard a distinct broken english (italian accent) female saying this and laughing. As it turns out, Lola has crossed the Bridge and is spending time with family that has also crossed over. It's possible that one of the people with her is saying this as a reference to the actress, or just being playful.

Lola did tell me that her toe nails were painted and she really enjoyed her "spa days". She mentioned that her human worked in the beauty industry and she was not allowed to go to work, so the family gave her special treatments at home. Lola was very much a Queen of that castle!

At first, I thought Lola was still alive, because she mentioned she gets kisses every day. But when speaking with her humans, I discovered she had crossed over BUT her human kisses her photograph every day! Lola is very much still with them. She knew her human had a pain in his arm. She mentioned also his love for ice-pops! lol While ice-pops does not have a great spiritual meaning, it did allow her humans to know that Lola was indeed communicating with them through me.

Lola's humans asked if they would be together again. The answer was a definitive YES! She did add that it wasn't their time yet, they still had stuff to do. She will be waiting with her flower necklace when the time comes.

Communication with our loved fur-babies is beautiful. It shows that life does not end with physical death. Our souls are connected for eternity. I find this very comforting.

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