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A Lion's Heart

Many cultures are aware of having Animal Spirit Totem's or Guides. Humans don't often think that animals have Spirit Totem's or Guides, since they are themselves animals. But interestingly enough, I have encountered some animals that align themselves with an animal spirit, so, to me, that is their Animal Spirit Guide!

One such case was brought to my attention during an animal reading with a lovely young pup, named Comet. A little under a year, this puppy's personality was 100% lion. We think of lion's a certain way, but an Animal Totem has a clearer definition of the attributes and purpose of each animal. In this case, the Lion's traits include the element FIRE, observant, stealth, precise in their words or actions, and self-mastery. Lion does not waste time or energy or resources.

Comet, although a puppy, exhibited all these traits. He is an old soul, meaning he has had many lives prior to this one. It is because of this that he is sometimes impatient. "Been there, done that". An interesting thing Comet mentioned, was that he is often at conflict with his Lion/past -lives self and his new puppyhood. On the one hand, he knows stuff. on the other hand, he wants to play and be silly. I'm sure as Comet ages, he will find balance and no longer feel these conflicts. I told his human to reassure Comet that it is "OK" to be a puppy. He doesn't always have to be the serious leader.

Comet's love for his human was very apparent. He explained some unwanted behavior and hopefully, with our communication, he will find a nicer way to express himself. Knowing that his human is on board was very helpful to him. During the session, his human and I discussed some of the negative behavior and Comet willingly and eagerly gave his suggestions on how humans could help ease his mind, which would eliminate the negative behavior. When we understand the "WHY", it is much easier to find a solution.

Another interesting incite from this communication session was that animals have a very clear understanding of relationships. Comet is very aware of who his human is, the role of the other humans, and also the relationship with some fur-friends. One of his friends he said was more like a soul-sibling. He does not consider her a "girlfriend" in the romantic way, but a sister. When his human asked him if he enjoyed playing with his fur-friend, Comet cocked his head to the side and asked in return, "Why would she ask that?"

In other words, isn't it obvious? lol

Comet was very happy to have our session and he felt relieved to get a few things off his chest and explain his behavior. This also helped his human understand him better. Isn't that what we all want? To be heard and to be understood? Comet, although a puppy, reacted and responded in a very mature and regal manner. He conducted himself as the Lion would : with confidence, with observation of surroundings, with patience, and with love for his "pack".

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