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A Message from the Afterlife

I was honored to speak with a dog that crossed over the other day. Her human wanted to know if she was angry with her, for not be a good mom in the end. Before this dog even spoke to me, I knew that the perception of the human was simply that, her perception. Her sadness surrounding her circumstances made her feel guilty for not having enough time, and not being happy. I knew, deep inside, that these feelings were not those of her companion.

When her dog spoke to me, my thoughts were confirmed. The dog felt nothing but love for her human. In fact, she was grateful and wanted me to make sure her human understood that she is still with her in spirit, guarding the house and protecting them. The dog showed me memories of fun things: being dressed up in clothes, laying on a white flowered bedspread, going for a hike and stealing licks of ice cream! Not only were these things confirmation for the human that I was indeed in the presence of her dog, but it was a reminder for the human to make time to enjoy life's little happy moments. This beautiful dog expressed pride in her human, for taking steps to change her situation. Pride and love and caring were the emotions being sent from the Afterlife.

During our communication, an older woman came through. Turns out she is the Grandmother. What a beautiful experience to be able to connect to both animal companion and human! The grandmother also had loving messages and reminders to live a joyful life. I was shown specific foods, a beautifully carved cross, and moments spent together while on earth.

My human client was overjoyed with the messages. She needed to hear everything that was told during the communication. It was a way for her to move forward with her plans, trust her instincts, remember happy times, and create new happy moments.

I was very happy to be invited into their world and experience the joyful times through the eyes of this beautiful dog! She was/is a very smart Lady!

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