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A new beginning...

I have often thought about having another animal companion. I miss Little Bear so much. Even though we communicate, it is his physical presence and new antics that are missed. I hesitated for what turned out to be almost 3 years. I was healing and then I got used to the freedom that not having a being rely on you for everything brings. No one should feel ashamed or judged for enjoying their freedom. It is lovely to only think of yourself. There is a renewed sense of self that comes with that. A rediscovery of who you were before being a mom, to human or animal kids! I would not be honest if I said I didn't enjoy that freedom.

Then, out of the blue, I saw a post about a little dog who was a stray in Puerto Rico. She was rescued, or actually, the little girl walked right threw the fence rails to the woman's home. She was so skinny and so trusting. She knew just who to go to! As it turns out, the woman is known for rescuing dogs and has a small rescue group!

My daughter and I committed to fostering her for 3- weeks. I really wanted to make sure I was ready for the level of commitment a dog needs. Also, as an animal communicator and empath, I wanted to make sure that I would be emotionally ready to feel all the feelings living with an animal brings. We decided to call her Gypsy. Lesson #1, this little girl has her own ideas about her name. I was meditating the day before, connecting to her, and kept calling her Daisy. Then I would argue with myself and say NO! It's Gypsy! I kept that to myself because no one else needs validation of me losing my mind! When we picked her up at JFK Airport, we immediately got kisses from her. Well played, Little girl. My daughter looked at me and said "I know we said Gypsy, but I'm feeling 'Daisy'"! I gasped and told her my experience with the name. We laughed and knew that Little Bear somehow had a paw in this.

Today is one week since we picked up Daisy. She is settling in very nicely. She no longer has nightmares or whimpers in her sleep. She knows where everything is and listens to commands very well. It is as if Little Bear is showing her the ropes. Yes! She is smart. Very smart. Yet I know there is more going on here. Her level of comfort and knowledge of our home and the area can only be from someone who has experienced it before. Little Bear is talking to her. Little Bear had a paw in helping get us all connected. In fact, I am confident that Little Bear sent Daisy to us.

We have already decided to keep Daisy. I am adjusting, as we all are. Somehow the things I thought I didn't want to give up don't seem as important now. Things will come up and we will figure it out. The minute we made the decision to officially adopt her, Daisy came between the two of us and sat nicely snuggled. Her feet touching my daughter and her head resting on me. We felt the relief coming from her little body. She knew she was safe. Daisy knew she was home. Daisy IS home. 🥹🥰

So without further ado, allow me to introduce : Daisy

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