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A Surprising Connection

I'm always amazed at the information I receive from animals. Even the simplest food request brings me happiness because it shows that animals have preferences, likes and dislikes, just like humans. Sometimes, the sessions are so surprising I become speechless.

Last night, I had one such session. I was speaking with an animal companion, who, it turns out, was relaying messages for another companion who had passed away! It took some figuring out during the session and after, but by the time we were done, we (myself and the humans) understood what was being conveyed.

Tyler is a very intuitive dog. His connection to the Spirt world is strong. He was conveying messages from Handson, a family dog who had passed a few years ago. At first, it seemed that the messages were from Tyler. He spoke of his first owner, the human's grandmother, and mentioned he had a different name. This was confusing to us. Tyler had only lived with my human client, outside of the first few months at the breeders. (More about that further down). The information he relayed was so accurate, we had to delve deeper. It turns out that Tyler was channeling Handson and injecting personal information for himself. It took a little while to separate the two, but once we did, everything made sense.

Another surprising aspect of this session, was that the Grandmother actually came through. She spoke of her life in the arts. She was a dancer and her husband was an actor. It was beautiful to see them together, reunited. I was shown a rabbit, who was my clients pet in the past. I saw a white, fluffy dog who turns out to be the Grandmothers beloved first pet, Sambuca. In the shadows, I briefly caught sight of another dog. This other dog was Handson. After the session, when I was reviewing my notes, I asked my client if Handson was a shy dog. He confirmed. That is when it all made sense. Handson asked Tyler to speak on his behalf.

Our connection to the other world, Heaven, Spirit-world, whatever you choose to call it, is available to us if we listen with open hearts, not our minds. Tyler knows this. He communicates with members passed often. He is bonded to them, even though he never met them in the physical world, or didn't have a lot of time with them in the physical world. Tyler, if human, would be considered a medium.

Speaking with Tyler was a little bit of a challenge. I found the messages sounded almost like a foreign language, or more accurately, someone who speaks a different language trying to speak mine. As it turns out, the breeders were Amish, and therefore the language Tyler was most comfortable with was their native tongue. Amazing. Like humans, animals absorb much knowledge in their first few months. Aside from messages from beyond, Tyler explained some of his behavior, made a few requests that would help him to be less anxious, and expressed the one thing we all want to know from our companions: Tyler loves his family and always enjoys being in their company.

My session with Tyler and his humans reminded me once again why I love animal communication so much. It allows me to help humans understand their companions, and it gives the animals a chance to be understood and heard. They often connect us to the other side, as did Tyler. Because this session was an impromptu double session, I am including two pictures: Tyler (first photo) and Handson. Love knows no boundaries. Life continues after physical death. Our loved ones never really leave us. What a beautiful, loving, hopeful reminder to us all.

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