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A Whimsical Tale

Every once in a while, I come across an animal that has a very comical disposition. Despite a past life that caused anxiety and stress this dog, appropriately named Whimsy, found it within herself to be joyful, playful, and down-right goofy!

Whimsy is a 4+year old greyhound who used to run races. She was adopted into a loving home, by a man who was curious about her quirky behavior. During our session, this man had very good questions for his pup regarding her tastes, behavior, and past life prior to adoption.

Before our session even began, Whimsy connected with me. She told much of the information to me privately. She briefly described her living quarters prior to adoption and mentioned a few things about that life that caused her anxiety. One thing was clear, the stress of performing got to her. Whimsy mentioned these things, but then quickly changed the subject not wanting to dwell on the past but to live in the present- and of course, goof around!

Whimsy was very playful and stated that she often does silly things or makes faces so that she can draw her human into the present moment and laugh. Living life with joy is very important to her, and a great reminder to all of us to embrace each moment with joy and happiness.

Her human's questions were answered and hopefully gave him some incite on Whimsy's make-up and character. She definitely had a short list of requests that pointed to more physical matters that pestered her. She asked for leg warmers because her joints hurt in the cold (most likely arthritis due to the vigorous training and racing); boiled chicken and perhaps even a stew (not only healthy, but good for her sensitive stomach); and a yard (while she did not like racing anymore, she still loves to run freely).

Whimsy showed us specific memories, of friends who passed on and also explained why she smells cars. This was interesting to me and I asked her to explain why she did that. She stated that the smell of rubber and tar reminded her of track-life and she smelled the cars to see if her friends were there. Memories. This to me is proof that animals remember. They recognize humans and animals and hold memories of each of them. (Obvious to most but some people still question if animals recognize or remember things). Their experiences form their reactions to things in the present, and preferences develop from these experiences. For Whimsy, she loves open spaces. She does not like walls or being confined, and she loves the company of her human.

Whimsy was asked if she knows the difference between this life with her human and her prior life before adoption. A fair and honest question. The answer was a resounding YES. Whimsy, like all animals, understand. As stated above, animals have likes and dislikes; preferences, if you will. She made it clear that she loves her life with her human. She expressed gratitude. Her way of showing this gratitude is to be silly and make her human laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, someone said. It certainly does lift the mood and raise the energetic vibrations.

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Whimsy. She made me laugh. She also reminded me that we all have something inside us that can get us through hard times, and keep us going with a smile on our faces. I think we can all learn some of Whimsy's incite to enjoying life and making the most of things. Whimsy embraces her new life. She loves it, in fact. Mainly, she loves her human and is very thankful for her new family.

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