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An Act of Kindness Remembered....

Many of us do little things each day that shows love and kindness towards another being. Some of them are the smallest of gestures, while others can be larger and more obvious. Seldom do we know just how impactful that act of kindness is to another.

My friend has a tremendous heart which extends to all beings. She has always rescued animals and at any given moment has a new family member. One particular story was shared with me by one of her rescues that has long since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. While chatting with my friend, he came to me. Very majestic looking cat. He did not have a lot to say, but he did show me an incident that occurred in my friend's life, AFTER he had crossed over. He showed me the apartment building with a fire-escape and told me that people were running down in a hurry. I asked my friend about this and she verified that it was long after he passed, but that the incident frightened her. The cat acknowledged and then said "I was with her. I protected her and the apartment. She took me in and loved me and I will always watch over her".

I had a lump in my throat. Read his statement again. His gratitude and love for my friend for taking him in and caring for him, even for the short time he had left on earth, left such a profound and loving impression on him that he appointed himself her guardian. How beautiful to know that our actions do affect others AND that they are watching over us. Knowing that gives me comfort.

This beautiful boy also showed me a companion of his. At first I mistakenly thought it was a rabbit. My friend never had a rabbit. I thought, erroneously, that he was just showing me a friend he made across the Bridge. When he wouldn't leave my mind, I knew that this animal must be a family member of my friend. I asked him to give me a closer look. It was not a rabbit, but a guinea pig! I described the guinea pig to my friend and she confirmed that her daughter had one exactly like that a few years ago. She was overjoyed to learn that the two of them are together.

Such a brief exchange, but it left such an impact on me! Each act affects another being. It doesn't matter how long the interaction is, or how brief their time is with us. They appreciate it, love it, and are forever grateful. Seems like some things DO last forever! LOVE!

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