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Be Joyful!

Last night, I had the pleasure of speaking with a lovely boy named Joe Joe. He had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge back in February. While his human had made the appointment with me, HE was so eager to speak, he came forward the moment I saw his photo.

During our conversation, Joe Joe showed me many things he remembered from his life on earth. They were things that were important to him, and things that he felt would remind his human of the beautiful relationship they had together.

It was so obvious to me how much his human loved him, but also, how much pain and sorrow she felt at loosing him. His message changed from showing me things to telling me "I want her to be happy".

When Joe Joe got frustrated, not angry, just frustrated at not being able to console her, he showed me some objects he thought would trigger a thought of someone else. It did not at first. Then it happened. Someone very special came forward. His human's Grandmother! She was there with Joe Joe, and together they sent the same message: BE HAPPY. ENJOY LIFE. SHOW LOVE.

Sometimes when we lose a loved one, the loss can be so great that we forget how to be happy. We start to believe that if we are happy, that means we are losing the connection with our loved one that passed. This is the farthest from the truth. To best honor our loved ones, we must live the most joyous, happy life that we can. Holding on to the love without sharing it with others does not make those that passed happy.

Thanks to Joe Joe and the Grandmother, both of us remembered the importance to share love, play, and live a joy-filled life.

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