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Book of Love

A few short months after our beloved dog passed away, I began getting "hits" or messages from him insisting that I write his story. I did find him humorous and entertaining in life, and I was very much "in love" with him, just like I am with my human children. But, after he listened to my ideas, he made his intentions very clear.

Little Bear, my dog, was going to tell me what to write. He was going to relay HIS story HIS way. Well, who am I to argue with my dog's spirit? I began writing whatever was in my head, knowing that what was there was purely his messages to me. I sat down at the computer and just typed for two days. There it was. Little Bear's story.

Obviously, I spent the next several months cleaning it up and rewriting certain sections. All done under the careful supervision of Little Bear. He was never far and often impatient with me. He wanted his story "out there". Several times, and my friends can attest to this, I had to explain earthly and human money, and time. He scoffed at me but was always quick to show love too. After much work and editing, "Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale" was published 11/11/20. Believe it or not, that particular date came to my mind when I first started writing it. The numbers hold meaning to me, and I thought it would be cool if it was published on that day. As it turned out, even though the publisher had other dates in mind, 11/11/20 was the day it was published! Very serendipitous!

Here is a little video trailer about the book. It can be purchased on Amazon as paperback or Kindle; and also on Barnes and Noble online. It is a lovely story of life, love, challenges, and perseverance. I think everyone will enjoy it, and hey! Little Bear wants everyone to read it,

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