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It is a universal need to be understood. We all get frustrated at not being understood or not understanding someone else. This is the same for our animal companions. They have little control over their lives. Where they live, how they live, who they live with- it is all out of their control. We pick out a dog or cat and bring them home, with the intention of doing the right thing and providing a loving home for them. They rely on us for everything. In return, they give love unconditionally. Sometimes, love is not enough. They need something else too. Understanding.

Many people get to know their animal friends well. They can see their physical cues and conclude something about their mood or physical well-being. Truly understanding them is a different story. This of course goes both ways. The animals learn our human behaviors and have a better sense of our emotions than we even have of ourselves, at times. Yet, sometimes, there is confusion. Mixed messages that cause anxiety or stress. One of my sessions showcased this anxiety from Luca, a lovely and regal boy.

Luca loves his family. He has very strong family ties and family is the most important thing for him. He believes his role is to protect them at all cost. For such a little one, he has the heart of a champion. Luca described himself very well to me. He really knows who he is, and is proud of himself, a quality many humans cannot even boast. He did feel anxious and confused. He did not feel his family understood him, and sometimes, he was not certain what they wanted from him. .

Communication is always the key to any successful relationship. Being clear with messages means being consistent with thoughts, images, and actions to alleviate confusion for our animal friends. Humans tend to do one thing and say another, albeit unintentional, or they may be thinking many things at once. This causes confusion.

Luckily for Luca, his family loves him very much and were open to having an animal communication session. During the session he was able to explain his behavior and his feelings and his family was able to ask him questions and get clarity on some things too. I believe this greater understanding helped both animal and human clients. Nothing makes me happier than helping relationships between our animal friends and their human family.

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