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COVID and your Companions

COVID has been a difficult time for all of us. We each have our own experiences and reactions dealing with the pandemic and all that it means. As much as I love animals, I never stopped to think of how it has affected our animal companions. Until I had an impromptu session with a very expressive cat companion!

During a massage session, a beautiful boy came to me. He is the beloved companion of my client. He was very curious about what his human was doing. I explained that she was getting a massage and welcomed him to communicate through me. He had communicated in the past, so he was very familiar with me and knew his human was receptive to our exchange. I asked how he was doing, and he began talking without hesitation.

He wanted to know why everyone was home ALL THE TIME....and he stressed those words. As much as he loves his humans, he said he has not been able to get his proper rest because his "quiet time" has been interrupted by their constant presence. This got me thinking. COVID has affected our animal companions too! Because we think from the EGO, we assume that our companions want us around all the time. Some may, but some really do enjoy their quiet time. He also told me that he isn't greeted with as much exuberance as before. This makes sense. When we are with each other all the time, we no longer greet each other with the same excitement as when we are away from each other for a while. I explained to him about the pandemic and how it has affected our daily routines. While he understood, he asked that his new "quiet spot" be made more comfortable. His human confirmed that he found a new place in the corner of a closet! At this point, he made reference to Harry Potter, saying "the boy in the cupboard", which, as a Harry Potter fan I immediately knew he was referencing the closet under the stairs that Harry was made to sleep in when he lived with his Aunt Petunia. As he said this, he was laughing. Animals do have jokes! When I told my client about this reference, she was shocked. She told me he has a Harry Potter fleece that he drags around with him and sleeps with. Her children used to watch Harry Potter constantly!

Another interesting thing he told me was that his food was different and he does not like it. The change in food was confirmed by my client. She asked what he likes and explained why she changed the food. Once he understood the reasons, he was not as irritated, but, made it very clear that he does not like the new food.

Our conversation went on almost through the entire massage session. My client asked questions and he gave very clear responses. One of the things he mentioned was that he missed going outside. He showed me his leash (yes! This is a cat!) and a car. My client stated that she used to take him for car rides and walk him outside on a leash, and that she hadn't done this for a while. She agreed to take him for walks and car rides more often. Animals also get "pent up" staring at the same walls. Of course, once he stated this, I realized how silly it is for humans to think our companions will be happy and thrive seeing the same things day in and day out. Animals crave new experiences and adventures as much as humans do. While there is comfort in the familiar, it is nice to shake things up with new visual stimulus....and of course, the great outdoors! This will also help your mood as well!

As we wound up our session and our communication with this beautiful boy, his final request was a very specific list of things he wanted for presents. His humans had been discussing Christmas presents and he picked up on it! My client was very amused at his list and stated that she knew exactly what he was referring to, and made a mental note to accommodate his requests!

COVID affects all of us, including our animal companions. I encourage everyone to pay attention to your companions behavior and if there is something that seems different, challenge yourself to find how you can make adjustments in this new life so that your companions' needs are met.

Animal Communication sessions are available by appointment only and can be done remotely. Email: for more information.

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