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Door to Spirit Event

What an exciting and fun event, I co-hosted with Tarot and Oracle Reader Justine Marie! Justine did an amazing job at reading Tarot and Oracle cards for our participants and I was able to deliver messages from our guests animal companions, both live and from across the Bridge.

One of the animal companions that came into our event was a male cat named Jax. The first thing he told me was that he was named after the main character in the hit series "Sons of Anarchy". Funny that he would know that! It just goes to show you that animals can and do understand everything humans say. Jax presented himself as a very Alpha-male. In fact, he referred to himself as the King! He was a little put off because he couldn't find his stuff. When I asked for clarity, he explained that all of his things (his climbing post, his window sill, his food dish) were not with him. I asked his human about this and she verified that YES, all his stuff was left behind in the move and she bought him all new stuff. And since they moved, his window sill (his thrown to oversee his subjects!) was no longer available.

Jax wasn't angry, but he was very put off and felt a little tricked and disoriented. So, what to do in this situation? I suggested that his human revert back to the old food dish (which she still kept) and place a toy he likes on the new climbing post. This would encourage him to eat and climb up the new post so he could make it his own. Setting something of his on one of the new windows may encourage him to create a new domain. A king does need a thrown after all!

This experience reminded me that animals are not just things but they are beings that think and feel. Change is difficult for them, just as it is for us. We always say animals are resilient (and children too) but that does not mean that the change does not affect them. Basically, animals and children do not have a choice, so they must adjust. That adjustment may be difficult and care and patience for their feelings would go a long way.

Jax is a lucky boy! His human was so receptive and it was obvious she was concerned about his feelings. I think knowing how he feels will definitely make it easier for her to make King Jax feel right at home in his new domain. It was such a pleasure to communicate with Jax- even though he did make it very clear that I should be honored that he took the time to chat with me. hahaha! A King's mindset, if I ever saw one!

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