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There is no doubt in my mind that animals think and feel. They analyze situations, observe their environment, and listen to what is going on around them. Conversations in the home do not fall on deaf ears. This became very apparent while speaking with a lovely boy, named Ace.

When I first began speaking with Ace, he was feeling a little down on himself. I asked him why and he said that something happened that he should have know, but he ignored his instincts and paid the consequences for it. He didn't explain at first, but later it was revealed that he had eaten cloth (probably a sock he steals from his human sister's room) and because of that he had to have surgery to remove the material. Ace knew better. He knew instinctively that the material was not food, but he swallowed it anyway. I explained to him that we all make mistakes and ignore our intuition about things at times. The important thing is to remember the lesson and not do it again.

Ace is very happy and comfortable in his home. He loves everyone equally, but differently. He made the distinction between male energy and female energy, stating that he knew his male-human could take care of himself, and that is why he stays closer to the females, to protect them. He is very loyal and protective of his family.

Ace was aware of discussions regarding homework, mentioned music (specifically piano) and the dynamics of the house related to the new Covid life and work situations. He observes everything. He was asked about how his life can be improved and he mentioned that he did not like when he was closed outside a room- specifically the daughter's room. He likes to be included in everything and a closed door keeps him from that as well as disables his ability to protect or guard.

There was a strong sense of something that ended, followed by the promise of something new and exciting. A birth of sorts. Spring, new beginnings? Something positive, and this made him feel very good.

The one thing that Ace does not like is cold and damp places. His humans confirmed he refuses to go down into the basement. As Ace put it, the home is full of love and light, but the basement is not. Why would he want to go there? Makes complete sense!

The love the family has for Ace and each other is very apparent. Ace in turn, loves them very much too. He is very comfortable and happy. While he is not the most welcoming when it comes to people coming into the home, he did offer a different perspective and resolution. If we want our animal companions to protect us and keep out strangers, we have to find a way to show them which strangers are ok. Otherwise, they will act the same way for anyone who comes to the door. Makes sense!

By the end of the session, Ace felt better and began to let go of his self-criticism. His humans understood his behaviors better. Most importantly, the family (Ace included) knew they all loved each other and enjoy each other's company. Such a beautiful message with the additional hope of something good coming their way too!

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