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Horse Connection

I love all animals. Horses have always held a special place in my heart. In an earlier post, I mentioned connecting with a beautiful black Fresian horse. She was gentle and curious and very interested in communicating. The exchange was as beautiful as her picture. Yesterday, I was able to visit her in person. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a feeling it was going to be a wonderful experience!

The drive out to the horse stables was lovely. The weather was unseasonable warm and the sun was shining. As we drove I felt the stress of daily life, and being stuck in the same neighborhood, leave my body. As we chatted together, my friend and I marveled at how beautiful and serene the area we entered was, offering us much needed comfort. When we arrived at the stables, we went straight to this beautiful Frisian horse. She greeted us calmly and welcomed us with her soulful eyes. It was obvious that she recognized me from our earlier communication. She let us pet her, hug her, and my favorite was the head to head moment shown in the picture below. In that moment, I felt so connected to her. It was as if she was acknowledging my spirit as I was acknowledging hers.

We spent several hours talking to her and being in her company. We were introduced to other horses and given a tour of the stables. Some of the other horses had questions about who we were and what we were doing there. One horse shared that he had a little trauma from an incident that happened years ago. I offered him Reiki and even though he was inside his stall, he put his nose to my hand through the bars and allowed me to touch him.

The air was fresh and cool, but not cold. It was energizing to be in such a beautiful open space surrounded by these wonderful beings. As our visit concluded, we went back to say goodbye to our beautiful Frisian friend. Outside of her stall was another horse being brushed. I noticed they were looking at each other, and asked if I could listen to their private conversation. Our friend was telling this horse about our visit. She was expressing her happiness and told this horse about us with pride. She was so honored that we came to visit her. As she was talking, the other horse turned to look at each of us. We said our goodbyes and I promised to talk with her again- whenever she wished to communicate, I would be available.

All beings want to be seen and heard. Even if nothing is wrong, they appreciate the acknowledgement of their existence and always love when THEY are heard and valued as equal beings on this beautiful planet. We share the space with other beings. We, humans, do not own it. We SHARE the space. We co-exist with other beings. When we stop trying to control everyone and everything, life on this planet will improve.

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