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Is Animal Communication a "thing"?

So as not to be like those annoying videos that take forever to get to the point and leave you so frustrated that by the time the point comes you have completely lost interest, I will answer the title question now and hope you continue reading for clarity. YES! Animal Communication is a "thing".

Animal Communication is primal. It has been around since the beginning of time. Species communicate amongst themselves and with each other using several methods of communication: vocals, posture, movement, and telepathy. That's right! Telepathy! Humans are also animals and use the same methods to communicate. Our vocals developed into speech, but don't think that makes us superior. While we have developed speech, we lost the more instinctual vocals that convey just as much.

Vocals include pitch, tone, sound, length of sound, and more. If you think about it, even human speech incorporates that. When you hear someone speaking quickly, you understand there is some urgency to the words. You don't even have to be in the same room with a person to hear the tone and message, even if the words are not understood.

Posture is another important aspect of communication. How someone holds their body relays how they are feeling. How many times have you asked someone who is sitting with their arms crossed and face in a frown "What's wrong?". You know something is bothering them by how they hold their body. We also know when our companions are upset or fearful by the way they hold their body. Just look at any dog or cat in a shelter, crouched in the corner trembling. We know they are afraid and upset.

Movement goes hand in hand with posture, in my opinion. Crouching and trembling is a combination of posture and movement. Lunging with teeth barred is also a combination of posture and movement. I see it as posture first, followed by movement.

At this point, we can say that vocal, posture, and movement help the individual convey a message. Together, the individual expresses something they are thinking and feeling to other beings. This is communication and would be enough on their own, except of course, if there was loss of sight or hearing. Then we must rely on something else. Something you cannot put your finger on. Something felt or seen within the mind's eye.

Telepathy is communication at a distance without the use of voice, posture, or movement. Connecting with the energy around us, and the energy of another individual, we can send messages from our mind to theirs. I'm not an expert on telepathy and I'm sure there are plenty of websites to explain it better, but for this blog, that is it in a nutshell. More important to understand is that all creatures are born with the ability to communicate in this manner. Humans, with all our advancements and knowledge, have taught ourselves to ignore these natural abilities. Heck, there were witch hunts and murders for centuries to ensure these abilities were not used.

Animal Communication, for my purpose is the communication with animals on this deeper level. When I have a session, I am not in front of the animal. I gaze upon a photograph of the animal and connect to their energy. Other animal communicators may have their own preferred method. There is no right or wrong way. Once I connect to their energy, I am able to have a conversation with them. As my readers have seen from past blogs, there is a lot of information that can be received when you have an animal communication session. Not all information is earth shattering. However, to that individual animal, it was important to convey and that makes it priceless.

Like I said earlier, each animal communicator has their own method and style. Information "heard" can differ between communicators and I believe it is based on what our own experiences have been. Also, like all interactions, some animals may feel more comfortable with one person than another. Information may flow more readily when speaking with someone whom they feel comfortable.

In my experience, all animals love to communicate with each other and with their humans. It is a chance to express themselves, even regarding the simplest of things. Some animals had to warm up to the idea, but all ended up sharing something of value. Sometimes, and animal does not want to talk about a particular thing. For me, when that happens, I see in my mind that they turn their back to me. As an animal communicator, I explain this to their human and respectfully change the subject. I don't ever want to force information out of someone or pressure them to talk about something. Animals are living, breathing, sentient beings and should be awarded the same respect as we expect.

If you are curious to hear what your animal companion is thinking, schedule an appointment for an animal communication session. I can honestly say, each session has brought joy, peace, love, and clarity to the curious humans and has given the animals much love and joy knowing their feelings and thoughts were heard and received willingly by their humans.

You can schedule an appointment by contacting me at

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