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We are ALL Connected

Every animal communication session that I have is unique, as unique as each animal and each human. None of us need any special skills to see that every human has their own unique personality, preferences, and behaviors. There may be some similarities between some of us, but even with those same traits, we are each unique. The same is with animals. If you study a group of any animal, you will begin to find differences that help you to identify who is who. We know this, even if it is on a subconscious level. It is how people can go to a shelter to identify their dog who has been lost for years, and at a single glance know if a particular dog is theirs or not. The dog may have lost weight, gotten older, or is dirty but we can still determine without question that this particular dog is family. How? Why?

Energy. It is that simple and that complicated. Everything is made up of energy from the same universal energy source. Which indicates that all things are connected. The strength of that connection is determined by each individual. How much energy (literally) did we put into a particular relationship? How much time do we spend exchanging information with another, observing their behavior, or just sitting in nature and observing? A person who spends a lot of time in nature can identify behaviors in trees, plants, and wildlife. I spent a lot of time watching the deer in my neighborhood. I was able to figure out who was who, and then watch as the young become adults, and understand which new adult was the baby of which older adult. Without putting forth any effort, without exchanging energy, they would all look alike.

So how does this factor into animal communication sessions? Sometimes, an animal I am speaking with brings up another animal. This second animal may not be someone they met, but it is someone of importance to their human. Because of that energy cord or bond, they easily communicate with each other. It's always surprising, and for me it is wonderful. It is proof that life continues beyond our life, but more importantly, it is proof that relationships, bonds, and attachments happen outside our knowledge. We are not the center of the world. We are just a part of it. It is proof that we are all connected to everything, and therefore should be kind and caring to everything. Everything.

One adorable dog reminded me of this during our session. She brought up a cat that she communicates with a lot. This was the second time a cat was brought up for my client. Her other dog mentioned the cat as well in another session. The thing is my client does not have a cat. We let it go the first time the cat was mentioned. But during this session, the adorable senior was pretty insistent. I described the cat to my client. She immediately recognized the cat as her best friend's cat who recently passed away! The dog had never met the cat in life but now speaks to him all the time. We are all connected. Be kind to all kinds. As we are all connected, being kind to someone/something else is being kind to ourselves too! That is how kindness will grow.

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