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Kisses from Heaven

Losing an animal companion is one of the hardest things we go through. Ask anyone who has lost their furry companion. It is a different feeling from losing a human family member. I can't describe how, but somehow it is a deeper, more raw, feeling of loss. I know first hand that pain and sadness. Yet, as with any loss, when you know there is a "better place" and that our companions will be waiting for us, it helps ease the pain in time.

Baci is a sweet boy who, at the time of my session, had recently passed. He had not fully crossed over. I felt both energies, that of life and that of Life after life. He was not afraid to fully transition but he was very worried about his family. When we first communicated, he told me that someone was ill and that concerned him. He told me about the accidents he had before his passing, and stated that he could not help it but was very apologetic about it. He also expressed that he knew it was his time to go, and felt ready. His concern was not for himself, but for his family.

The family was very emotional, which was completely understandable. Their questions for Baci pointed to their concern that he was afraid or that they did not do enough for him. Baci was very adamant that they did everything and more. He Loves his family and he knows how much they love him. He mentioned a few things associated with each family member. Validation for each of them, that he holds memories for each as individuals and as a family. He always felt very much a part of the family and not "just the dog".

As with most animal companions, Baci wants his family to be happy. He knows they need another companion and was 100% on board with that. Baci knows this does not mean they will forget him. His priority is their happiness. The love that I felt from both humans and Baci was very strong. He waited until after our communication to fully transition. In a way, Baci knew how important it would be for the family to have this communication with him.

After his transition, I felt a "lightening" of spirits. I knew the moment he fully transitioned and communicated with him again. He was joyful, happy, and excited. For me, communication with animals who are live and those that have crossed over feels a little different; the energy lets me know where they are. With Baci, that initial energy was confusing, because he was "in between" fields. Communication is available for both. Baci let me know he connected with other members who have passed and is at peace and in good company.

Baci, means kisses in Italian. It is a perfect name for this sweet, loving boy. I was so happy to have the opportunity to speak with him and his family. I hope they feel his love around them always. His memory will definitely live on and his presence always with them....even in the shadows.

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