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Like Water for ......Addie

We often think of male energy as the more dominant energy. However, in many species, it is the female energy that is the most important. While both are necessary for species survival, in some cases the female energy is what keeps the family together. Keeping this in mind, sometimes male/female energy is not aligned with gender. A female can have more male energy and vice versa.

This is a brief encounter with a lovely female dog named Adeline, AKA: Addie. It was apparent to me that she is a Water Sign, which tend to be more emotional and nurturing. The most dominant message received in the session was the importance of family, in particular female family strength. From the start, Addie talked to me about her dog mother and dog sister. She let me know how closely bonded she was with them, especially her mother. From what I gathered, and confirmed by seeing my own dog who passed away staying with her, the Mom passed away. This did not stop Addie from communicating with her often. She let me know how important it was for her to still be in touch with her mom. Her mom was her strength and guide, through spirit communication.

Addie discussed her eating habits, explaining that she eats quickly out of habit. As the runt of the liter, she learned quickly to eat fast before the bigger ones took her food! I asked her to slow down, as it is better for her digestion, and she said she would try. Except, when food is dropped to the floor, she will still grab it quickly because it is so tasty! That's a fair compromise to me.

Addie was asked a few questions regarding the living space. She was very honest and said that she liked the apartment, but missed the open space. It was confirmed that the previous residence was a home with a big yard and near a lake. Addie prefers the quiet, as this new apartment is in a building complex and "she hears the walls talking". It isn't the actual walls, but the sounds coming through the walls.

During the session, a great grandmother came through with a male dog that had passed away years prior. The great grandmother did not have much to say but did give the impression that she was knitting a beautiful blanket with the names of the family members- only the females. Much like a herd of elephants, there is a strong female thread with this family and Addie wanted to make sure that what was conveyed was strength, unity, resilience, love, and family. In case her human did not know (which she did!), Addie was very much part of this family.

All animal communication is interesting to me, even when it is just a simple thing as stating food preferences or sleeping habits. When you take time to really listen and ask questions, often there are deeper meanings and messages. Addie is a beautiful girl and her presence was nothing short of loving - if human, she would be the peace-maker in the family or the aunt that everyone visits for the holidays, keeping the family together. I loved spending time with Addie and was more than happy to relay her messages to her humans.

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