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New York State of Mind

I grew up in the Bronx and I know first hand that New Yorkers have a certain something: a dry sense of humor, a sarcasm in delivery, a no-nonsense way of expression. Outsiders may think we are mean, but the reality is, we have hearts of gold! We just don't mince words. It is what it is! I know this, I can be "blunt", and I have experienced it with my family, friends, and peers. Not until just today, did I experience that New York vibe through an animal!

I had the pleasure of speaking with a lovely cat who lives in NY. I got such a kick out her because of how she delivered her messages. She was so aware of herself and had no issues saying what she wanted or how she perceived things. It never felt mean. In fact, I actually found comfort in her blunt honesty and dry humor.

The interaction made me remember how much I missed the raw honesty of my native New Yorkers. She actually had me laughing out loud and she even was giggling herself! The most dramatic moment (and not in issue but in her delivery/reaction), was when she had been trying to get her human to understand (through me) a "treat" she had been missing. When her human finally got it, she threw herself on the floor in a dramatic way saying "Finally! She gets it!". haha If she was a human imagine Marisa Tomei in "My Cousin Vinnie", slapping her hands on her forehead and that hand gesture in the air.

The lesson here was clear to me. Our animal companions are not just blobs of fur that we snuggle when we want and play with when we want. They have their own personalities, likes, and dislikes....and clearly they have a sense of humor. This girl was sassy and dry-witted and such a joy to communicate with. OH! Another thing that came across in this session and several others, is that as much as they love their families, they also value their privacy. "I Vant to be Alone", came to mind at one point today when she wanted to know "why is everyone around so much?". We all need our privacy. Humans can learn that life isn't all about us. Our companions need "space" too!

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