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Night and Day

You may remember a blog a did a few months ago about a very Regal boy named Luca, a handsome, intelligent, old soul. The other night I had the opportunity to speak with his younger "brother", Frankie. Frankie is also very handsome, but boy! Frankie and Luca have totally different personalities. Where Luca is sensible, Frankie leans toward the spontaneous. Luca is in control of his behavior, Frankie gets over excited and can't control himself. Luca is an old soul (he has been her before) and Frankie is brand new!

The two could not be more different, but it was clear they love each other very much. Frankie is very much the younger sibling, looking up to Luca for guidance and direction, wanting to play with him, needing his approval. At the same time, also very much a character trait of the younger sibling, Frankie wants to stand on his own two feet (or four feet, in this case!). Luca gives warnings, but allows Frankie to make his own decisions. That's the only way to learn sometimes!

Frankie is a joyful, loving, playful, and sometimes mischievous boy. He hasn't grown out of his "baby" stage, but that is mostly because he enjoys being the baby of the house. He is bonded (actually imprinted) on his human mom and enjoys being pampered and babied. (Insert eye-roll from Luca!).

As with all small children, there is a bit of mischievous behavior caused by some separation anxiety when Mom leaves for too long. In our session, I offered some pointers for both the humans and the animals. Frankie seemed to understand what was expected of him. His quick side glances to Luca told me that all of this was already told to him by Luca; Frankie chose to ignore it. True to character, Luca did not throw in an "I told you so". He was actually very sweet towards Frankie. Learning lessons is not always easy, but is easier when dealt with gently.

Frankie and Luca- two very different boys. Both wonderful in their own way. Both happy with their lives and each other. They are a good team. The perfect combination of maturity and youth, serious and playful, experience and novelty.

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