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Perception is everything!

One thing I learned quickly while working with animals in receiving their messages, is that perception is everything! The way an animal sees something, is not necessarily the way we, humans, see it. For example, last year I was speaking with a horse named Fin. He was in some distress and was unsure why his caretakers and his human were fussing over him. He did have a slight injury, but the "fuss" made him more anxious. As I was calming him down explaining what was going on (this is all energetically, by the way! I was not physically in Fin's presence), Fin threw his head back and loudly said "OUCH". I asked him what happened. He exclaimed, "I was bit!! It hurt!". I quickly messaged his human and asked what was happening at the barn. She started laughing and told me that the vet had just given Fin a shot. So you see, an animal doesn't 'KNOW" needles and shots- they just feel it and to Fin, it felt like a bite. Poor baby!

As a side note, when I explained to him what the "bite" was and why he was given it, he did quickly calm down. Animals are living, breathing, feeling, and thinking beings. Explain to them what is going on and they will react much differently. =)

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