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Reiki and Animal Communication

Reiki (Pronounced Ray-Key) is the energy healing practice that focuses on all aspects of well-being, including mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. It can be done in person or at a distance. The affects can be profound or subtle, depending on the needs of the individual. No matter what you "feel" during a Reiki session, know that the Universal Energy is working to clear your chakras of imbalances and allows for proper flow of energy throughout your body.

Many times, while performing a Reiki session, I receive messages from Spirit. Sometimes these messages come in form of a human that wishes to send a message to my client, and sometimes it is from and animal. These messages are important to pay attention to, as they are sent to bring your attention to something Spirit wishes you to hear.

During a session last night, I was shown a large white dog, that resembled a Russian Wolfhound. I knew my client very well, but never knew her to have a dog. When the dog appeared, I greeted her, but moved on with the Reiki, unsure that this dog had anything to do with my client.

I have learned to mention everything because, as stated above, everything comes through for a reason. It is not for me to question or make a decision on if it is important or not. When I mentioned this dog, my client was surprised. She did, in fact, have a dog of that description many years ago! I asked my client her name and then addressed the dog by her name.

The messages were playful, silly, and also loving. She reminded my client of things they did together and also showed us her life after my client left her with her other human. Break-ups result in the animal companion going with one human over the other. My client's dog had a wonderful life. She let my client know that while she was very sad at not seeing her anymore, she now understood the reasons and, more importantly, had a wonderful life. This knowledge brought some peace and comfort to my client. Isn't that such a great gift from beyond?

Having a Reiki session does not guarantee human or animal communication, but I find that I often do channel during sessions. When your energy is open the messages that are always around us can be received more readily. It doesn't take away from the healing of Reiki. It is my experience that it enhances the entire experience for my client and me!

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