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Role Reversal

It is not uncommon for animals that I had sessions with to visit me from time to time. Usually, they just pop in to say hello or to follow up with some information. One particular girl, whom I have spoken about before, visits me often. Pippa likes to "eavesdrop" on other animal sessions. She is never disruptive, she just listens in. I sometimes think she is encouraging the shyer animals to speak.

The other day, her human booked a session with me. It was the first time she did, Pippa had previously come through during her mother's sessions. When her human scheduled the appointment, Pippa was very excited. She could not wait for her human to have a session. Wait. It's a session for the animals, no? NO. Pippa considered this session one for her human! That was an interesting perspective! I was curious how this one would play out.

Pippa relayed messages to me prior to the appointment. She discussed her love for her "Grandma" (she is a bit obsessed with her!), her physical health, and her awareness of her human crying. I relayed all this information to my human client. Now where do we go from here? I generally ask my human clients to have some questions ready. So, we began there.

Pippa answered all the questions readily, as most animals do, but she answered each question and flipped it onto her human. Pippa was asked if she likes to sleep with her human. Pippa answered: "Yes, but you toss and turn a lot. You should let things go, so you can rest more peacefully. Is there anything I can do to help with that?" Pippa asked. Pippa did this with each question, showing awareness and also selflessness. Then, Pippa asked a question independent from a question asked; "Do you like your food". I hesitated. How strange. Was my human client having food issues? Was there a serious issue about to be uncovered? Pippa giggled. "No, but everyone asks you (meaning me) if their animals like their food, so it must be important to ask my human". That is when it all made sense to me. Pippa was conducting the session in a similar way that I and the humans conduct sessions with other animals. What a clever girl!

There were some "duh" moments Pippa pointed out. When asked why she doesn't relax and lay down when her friend Comet is over, she quizzically answered "you don't nap when your friends are over". Mic drop. That is true. Humans do not nap when we have company. We are engaged with our company, talk, laugh, eat, play. We do not nap. That would be rude and awkward. In Pippa's response, we were shown what should be obvious which of course got me thinking. Why do humans think our animals should lay down and rest as a sign of their happiness? Why do we expect them to just lay there when company comes? Why are humans conditioned to believe that a happy pet is one that quietly goes off to nap?

Another very good point made by Pippa came when she was asked if she remembered someone that used to live with them. At first Pippa did not want to discuss this. I gently pressed her for a reason. Of course, our human minds went to "she doesn't remember" or "she has negative feelings about this person". Completely wrong. Pippa did not want to discuss, because she felt it would upset her human. Compassion and awareness. She then said she does remember this other person, but does not dwell on it. There are no hard feelings, but why think about and dwell on something that is not relevant to the current situation? Very good point. You can remember someone and think about things that happened but to dwell on it and have it completely take over your "present", is not advised by Pippa. Again, let it go and be more at peace. Live in the moment. Very sage advice from a young pup!

I love all animals and enjoy each session I have with all different types. Pippa, however, has become a regular visitor and a very welcomed one. She is curious, intelligent, playful, wise. Asked why she paid more attention to a woman who visited her with her Grandma, she simply said "because she needed it more". Simple. It has nothing to do with less love for grandma, or no longer loving grandma. It was all about the present moment, picking up who needed something, and taking appropriate action.

I truly felt Pippa was conducting the session. She didn't take over but she gently guided us and gave information that made us think about things differently. This "old soul" knows who she is and shares her wisdom freely. What a lovely girl! I am happy and grateful to have met her. I welcome her pop-ins. I thank her for helping shier animals feel more comfortable. My own dog, Little Bear, used to do that, and still does from time to time. I asked Pippa if she knew Little Bear. She sent a smile and a wink, then ran in an excited circle. We are all connected.

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