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Saying Goodbye.......

It is never easy to say goodbye to an animal companion. This morning, I was blessed to be able to communicate with a special companion, a horse, who knew it was his time to leave this earth. He was not afraid. He was ready.

During my communication with Abe, he had very specific requests for his final moments and created what I would call a ceremony for his passing. He requested a carrot (or apple, if the carrot was not available), not so much for eating but as a reminder of treats he enjoyed. He wanted to go nose to nose with his horse friend. He wanted to be outside. He requested a blanket, and interestingly, he requested sage or sandalwood to be burned during the process. He also showed me feathers and charms, which reminded me very much of Native American rituals. Aside from these items, Abe told me about specific things that he enjoyed from my dear friend. She would scratch behind his ears, and comb him frequently. He showed me a movement he would make with her with his head, which when I told my friend, she acknowledged this as his way to help her put his collar on because he was so tall. He wanted my friend to be present, for his sake as well as for hers. Abe also mentioned my friends dog, whom he never met in person. He was aware of the dog from the pictures in my friends mind as well as by scent. He was very happy that she had such a good companion.

This communication was not fearful or depressing. He was hopeful and ready for his transition. He spoke of his family that had already crossed over, and was eager to be with them again. Abe understood the cycle of life. He understood life after death. He wanted to be sure that my friend knew all of this, before his time. He was also hopeful that humans would not delay his time. He wanted it to be this morning.

When the vet arrived, I lit my special sage and flower stick, used my Shaman rattle and feather, and sent Reiki to him for an easy transition. As I was kneeling down, in meditation, and inhaling deeply the sage and sandalwood, I felt Abe take his last breath. Moments lately, I saw him rear up on his hind legs and then race forward towards the beautiful white Spirit Horse who was waiting to greet him. Just like that, we lost a beautiful soul on earth.

I have no doubt that Abe is happy and free, running and nuzzling with his family and other souls that have crossed over. He lived a beautiful life and was very happy. Till the very end, he was a teacher, a gentleman, a lover of peace, compassion, and family. His ritual requests reminded me of my mother's passing requests. She had her entire funeral planned ahead of time. She wanted specific sermons and prayers, and Abe wanted the same. He wanted the ceremony. He wanted his life to end as he chose.

I cannot say I was not moved to tears, because they were streaming down my face. The tears were a combination of sadness for losing such a beautiful soul, but also joy. I was a part of something so special and meaningful. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met Abe, and to have been a part of his ceremony of life transitioning to death.

As I am typing this, I can feel his presence. I wonder if my readers will be able to as well.

Thank you Abe. You were a wonderful horse companion and beautiful reminder of things important.

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