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She said WHAT???

As I have said before, I love communicating with the animals. I love their reactions to questions asked of them; I love their take on things; I love their individual personalities; I especially love how simple they keep things. Each reading I do is different. Each animal has their own unique personality and unique way of communicating. So keeping that in mind, I am seldom surprised but always in awe of the conversations that take place. Every once in a while however, an animal says something that makes me do a double take.

The other evening I was talking to a lovely girl named Coco. At first I was nervous, anxious, and questioning what was happening because I just could not get a response from her. I saw her in my mind, I saw her looking at me. But she would not respond. So I did what I normally do when I get nervous: I started acting like a goofball. I started making faces and got close to her face with mine saying "hello! Are you in there? What's going on? Wanna play? Woogely-woo" ....that sort of goofball behavior that used to embarrass my human children. Well, to that, Ms. Coco said as dry as Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls: "What are you doing?". If this was the Golden Girls, you would have immediately heard the canned laughter. Not because the words were so funny, but the expression and the feeling behind it. Coco really thought I was an clown. lol

So, embarrassed and somewhat sheepishly, I explained my purpose. From that point on she was very forth-coming, and definitely confirmed to her humans the personality they thought they saw in her. She had them laughing out loud on a few occasions with her delivery of messages. She even let us all know when the session should end because it was her dinner time.

Another really funny message for me was when her humans asked her if she was okay with things and ok in general. She said "I'm okay with myself. Are you?" lol Confident and balanced girl. I later got clarity that what she was asking was if her humans were ok with her. I love the exchange and turn-around tactics Coco masters.

Coco made a few analogies between her appearance and her humans appearance and also told about the other dog in the house. This showed us how in tune and attentive animals are. It also showed that humor is not reserved for humans only.

Coco is a great dog. If she was to be in a cartoon with a voice over, Bea Arthur or someone of that ilk would be her voice. You know she is strong, intelligent, and has a dry sense of humor that makes you burst of laughing.

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