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Strong Family Ties

Family is connected by energy chords that transcend time and space. Energy cannot die, it just changes form. These chords cannot be broken unless you purposely "Cut the chord" in a spiritual ritual, and even then there is still a connection. Chord Cutting severs the negative ties to release painful and negative emotions, not the family connection.

This strong energy bond was so apparent in one of my readings. The humans wanted to learn about their cats, 3 very different personalities. What came through was nothing short of amazing. The cats communicated with us, but so did 3 of their dogs that have passed away.....and a human!

The information received from the cats was very interesting. They, or rather one in particular, had a lot to tell us regarding all their personalities, likes, and dislikes. Toulouse is the leader, a very strong presence. His descriptions of himself and the others were very accurate. Ace, another male cat, was very happy with the hierarchy and also mentioned an older couple he used to live with. TC, a female, was also happy and loving, very content with her role within the family. If the session ended there, it would have been a successful reading. To our surprise, there was more. The family dogs that came through made it evident that family ties were not broken.

The dogs were together in the afterlife and sent messages of love for their human family and appreciation for the care they were given. Even though one of the dogs did not know the others in life, they were connected in the afterlife due to the family chord/bond. They spoke of specific things they did in life, to reassure their humans that it was them speaking. Another reminder that humans tend to doubt what is natural for animals. With the dogs, there were several humans that had crossed over as well. One in particular, was very proud of his family and "raised a glass" saying "Cin Cin", an Italian toast.

While I enjoy all animal sessions, even the difficult ones, this one was particular special for me. I somehow needed a reminder (we all have our moments where we need a boost in faith) that we do not "lose" our loved ones. They are always with us. We may not see their physical form, and it is normal to miss that. However, we never lose them. Their souls live on and they always stay connected to us. All that is required is that we think of them and listen with our hearts to hear their messages. I know this. My connection with Little Bear has not ended, it simply changed form. Still, it took Toulouse, Ace, TC, Coco, Jaida, and Bianca to remind me of the strength of the family chord.

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