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The Rainbow Bridge

We have come to describe the passing of our companions as "crossing the Rainbow Bridge". The concept of a Rainbow connecting earth to heaven has been around since the Norse mythology, and more recently used in poems written in 1980's and 1990's to help ease the pain we feel when our companions pass away. Because humans do not fully embrace the cycle of life, nor do we truly understand that life after Life is not an ending, we tend to gravitate towards any explanation that will make some sense of the unknown. It's not a bad thing. It helps us heal.

In my work with animal communication, I have learned quite a bit about the afterlife from the perspective of the animals. There is an actual path or bridge, although I have not seen it as a Rainbow. That doesn't mean it is not a rainbow. We are all shown things relative to what we need. This path or bridge is one that must be crossed in order to fully transcend from life on earth to the afterlife. Sometimes, animals get "stuck" on the bridge. This is never out of fear for what is ahead, but more a hesitation to fully leave their humans who they see are suffering. It is not painful for them to be stuck in the middle, but it is important for their life's purpose to complete the transition and move into what my dog called "JOY".

A beautiful girl named Minnie was sitting on the bridge, and therefore not fully transitioned. She loved her humans so much and it pained her to see them so sad. She missed them, but also understood that it was time to move forward. She actually asked me to ask her human for permission to cross over. That in itself shows the depth and love that animals have for us. Animals are selfless and their priority is the happiness of their companions. This question of permission touched me so deeply.

Minnie showed me things around her home such as the birds she watched, where she slept, the big window, a bedspread, and a nightstand. She mentioned that all her things were still out, and she asked her human to store most away, and just keep a few things on the nightstand. Minnie said she prefers her human to look upon the nightstand items with a smile, then to see all her things about and become sad.

Minnie was asked about what she thought of her final moments. She was confused. Her sickness came on suddenly and quickly. she did not want to leave her home yet, but she accepted that it was her time. She repeated several times that there was nothing her humans could have done to prevent the outcome. It was her time.

So here I was, on this call and seeing Minnie on the bridge. When her human gave Minnie permission, I did an end of life Reiki for ease of transition. I could see Minnie get up, slowly start walking to JOY, turning back to say she loved her humans, and then with each step feeling lighter and healthier and more joyous. Finally, when Minnie completed her journey, there was a sense of peace and love and joy coming from Minnie.

This was a case where the animal did not fully transition because she needed to make sure her humans were okay. But by not transitioning, the humans could not fully heal. Minnie needed to hear the permission and help set their minds at ease before she could cross over. Again, the love our animals have for us is amazing!

If anyone feels that they are unable to move forward in their grief and healing after the loss of a companion, I encourage them to find help. End of Life Reiki is a beautiful addition to traditional therapy. We will never stop missing our fur-babies. We will always love them. However, if we grieve endlessly, we are not allowing them to complete their journey. We are keeping them and us stuck. That is showing the opposite of love. To truly love, is to set them free, knowing that they are always with us. Remember: Energy does not die, it only changes.

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