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The student becomes the teacher.

For those of us who start our animal companion journey with them when they are little puppies, we often feel that they are like our human babies. We care for them, protect them, and teach them. We recognize their "teenage years" and all the stages before that and after. If we remain open to our companions, open with our hearts and souls, we can sometimes learn a thing or two from them.

Ava is a lovely and proper girl, as she puts it. She is very aware of her surroundings and knows what she likes and what she prefers. There is much more to Ava than her cuteness and wonderful disposition. She is, in my opinion, a spiritual mentor for her human. What does that mean? Like any good mentor, Ava has suggestions for her human on things that she feels will bring her more joy and peace. She encourages her human to be more present, start yoga again, and meditate. Ava wants her human to do things that will ground her to earth and alleviate the cerebral stressors of day-to-day living.

Ava was able to communicate these things to me during our animal communication session. Among other things, Ave really stressed the importance of being present. Aside from having an animal communication session, how else do our companions communicate their wisdom? Actions, sounds, posture. It is up to us to pay attention and understand their specific meaning. Like humans, a similar expression may mean something different depending on the situation and the being.

Another interesting fact is that not all dogs like all dogs, much the same as not all humans love all humans. As humans, we tend to expect every dog to get along with all other animals. That just is not the case. They can learn to tolerate others, get along with them, but not all animals are going to be BFFs. As humans, we have to respect that. As long as everyone is cordial, let them be. They may change their feelings as time goes on, but don't expect fast friends with every animal just because they are animals.

This animal session reminded me that animals understand other species much better than humans do. They have a sensitivity that picks up on others' thoughts. In other words, they retained their gifts of Claire. Ava is especially connected to Spirit and talked a lot about paying attention to signs and not worrying. She loves spending time with family and is working on releasing her sudden fear of cars. We all have something to work on, don't we? As humans, we can help by offering our love, patience, understanding, and since they hear us, we can explain and encourage when they are fearful of something. We owe them that at the least because they give us so much more.

Ava and her human have a great connection and commitment to each other. It was such a joy to hear her human express wanting to understand her and help her. She acknowledged something was wrong and wanted to do what was necessary to help her animal companion. Ava picked up on that and sent love right back!

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