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"What a Difference a Day Makes".

I always encourage people who have had sessions, to have follow-up sessions to check in on their companion, especially if there is a health question or adjustment issue. We can all relate to needing time to settle into new surroundings or even recovering from an illness and adjusting to a new lifestyle/environment. Animals are no different! We put our companions through a lot of changes, or maybe they had a rough start! Whatever the case is, our animals don't have a say in anything. They follow our lead and have to adjust.

This is a brief recount of a dog named Luna. She has been loved by her adopted human since she was 8 weeks old, and because of that love was able to grow and flourish. As Luna aged, the cold weather became detrimental to her health. Her human contacted me to discuss with Luna the possibility of moving somewhere warmer without her but with her family. This is a perfect example of how love and communication, patience and inclusion in decisions, and Time make all the difference in the world.

The first call was emotional. Luna understood the situation but was not sure how she could live without her human, there was/is a special bond. We had several conversations throughout the decision-making process. There was a trial period, and many promises were made and kept. These two factors, communication and keeping promises, were paramount for Luna's adjustment and well-being. It was also beneficial for Luna's human too. Several communications with Luna showed her acceptance of the move, her adjustments, but also her longing to see her favorite human. You could feel her longing and sadness. Her health was another issue and we were prepared for the worst.

Fast forward to the latest session. We found Luna in great spirits! She was happy to speak with us, as usual, but her overall energy was so uplifted compared to the last session. With time, she was able to sort out her feelings and find her purpose. Knowing her purpose gave her life such joy and meaning! She explained this to us, and was very grateful to her human for making the hard decision to leave her with family, and also for keeping her word and visiting often. For the first time in all of our conversations, I did not feel any negative feelings regarding her health. She still has some issues, but Luna takes them in stride and truly feels so much better. As is customary with most animals, Luna imparted some gentle reminders to live more "in the moment". Only plan when you can, but don't worry about things outside your control. Of course, Luna also described a toy she would like her human to bring on her next visit! As the song sung by Dinah Washington says "What a Difference A Day Makes", or as in this case, a year with Patience, Love, and Communication. Below is a recent picture of lovely Luna. She has found her Zen and that makes her human very happy.

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