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What are they thinking?

Ever wonder what your animal companion is thinking? I mean, we see their physical cues like a tail wagging or meow or bark. But what is really going on inside their brains?

I've been blessed with the gift of animal communication and I can tell you there is a lot of stuff going on! Animals are souls just like people. We are all souls in a different package. They feel pain, hurt , happiness, loneliness-they have feelings, and preferences just like you and me!

One of my favorite discoveries while communicating with animals, was discovering their sense of humor! In fact, some can be quite cheeky!

If you want better relationship with your animal companion, understanding them and everything about them is the key.

First thing I suggest to do, is get rid of your perception of what this companion should be like or act like. Each animal, while they may share similar traits, have their own unique personality.

Secondly, I would learn to observe them. Let them be who they are and give them choices. No one wants to follow a strict regime all the time. Yes, rules are necessary to help keep the wheel oiled, but, don't try and change who they are at their core.

Third, love and accept them NO MATTER WHAT. Animals are truly a gift to us and a great reminder of living in the present moment. Respect your companion and they will give you back so much more than we are ever able to give to them.

As I usually say at the end of a FB post: One Love!

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