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When animals bring humans

Charlie is another dog that crossed over. He is still very present and watches over the family. He made it clear that he is the leader of the pack. Which pack? There were several other dogs that passed and they are all reunited together. Charlie wanted his human, Jeanine, to know that he is in charge! Charlie mentioned there were two little pups from the same liter. His human verified that she does have two puppies and yes! They are siblings. Charlie let me know that one is smaller than the other, and that small one gets nervous at night. When the little one has trouble sleeping, he lays down with them- around them, offering comfort and love. I got a clear picture of the two curled up together with Charlie around them like a comforting blanket. So beautiful.

While speaking with Charlie, something magnificent happened. An older female human stepped into the light to relay a message! I knew it was the Jeanine's grandmother, but to be sure, I described her physical body and the information was confirmed. The grandmother showed me she was stroking her hair and saying "My beautiful girl", "Still, my beautiful girl". Both the stroking and the words were verified.

This entire time, I was getting chills from the top of my head down to my arms! This is a sign from Spirit that the grandmother was here and very present in our event. My co-host, Justine Marie, mentioned she got a sense of the name Rose, or something to do with roses. At first, this was not clear to Jeanine until I received a very clear image of Rose bushes. Jeanine then told us that her grandmother always had rose bushes and she tended them carefully and with great patience. This was a clear message, along with the phrase "One step at a time- don't take on too much", that Jeanine should tend to herself and her obligations with patience and care. Charlie also asked her to be more patient with the pups.

Animals always teach us something. Patience is usually one of the lessons. Humans tend to run around from one thing to the other, swiping left or right through our days as if we were a social media app. We are not. We need to embrace each moment without looking to the past or the future- no swiping! Patience, love, understanding.

This was a beautiful visit from Charlie and the grandmother! How wonderful it is to know that there is a place where we all meet together, and it is pure LOVE.

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