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When Animals Connect

Animals love to communicate and interact with each other and other species. It is a primal skill that all beings are born with. Humans, unfortunately, have put these skills on the back burner in pursuit of languages. While there is nothing wrong with languages, it does limit communication skills by the actual words created to form the language.

Animals retained the primal skill, what humans call telepathy. Telepathy can travel miles and also realms, meaning, animals can continue to communicate from the after-life.

During our last Tarot and Animal Communication event, animals both living and crossed over sent messages to their human family. These messages were always loving, and sometimes humorous! Those who attended were very happy to hear that their companions were happy and still "around". The peace felt by these messages is an amazing gift, and I am always grateful to be the facilitator of relaying the messages.

One of the big take-aways for me is knowing how much our animal companions love spending time with us. Even if they seem aloof or "not snuggly", they are aware of the love and care they are receiving and are always grateful. They are aware of each action and understand our words, based on the emotion and images we have while speaking them. Even if we are not aware of telepathically communicating, I believe we all still do it (without knowing) and the animals receive them.

Each interaction is registered in their minds. One person had a brief encounter with a goat, a kid (baby goat). She was so happy and excited to pet the kid and snuggle with him. She said "I want to take him home!". Interestingly enough, this goat entered our session yesterday, asking "Is she coming back to bring me home?". Ahhhh, if only! I took a few moments to explain why the person could not, but did say that she would visit as soon as possible. The kid accepted this and happily bounced away, typical goat-style. Knowing that her interactions brought this kid some happiness made the human happy. That is how it works! A kind word or action towards another being gives us joy as well.

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