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When It is Time to Say Goodbye

Saying Goodbye to our beloved animal companions is one of the hardest things we have to go through. The decision to end life is not an easy one. We want the best for our companions but also struggle with our own loss. While dealing with our own desires to keep our companions with us forever and also not wanting to experience that moment, we struggle. The struggle is mental and emotional. We second guess our decisions, hoping there is an alternate solution. Ultimately, the decision must be made for what is the kindest solution for our companion.

Once the decision is made to euthanize our companion, there are a few things I suggest to help with the transition. The first, and most important to me, is to be present with your companion. As painful as it is for us, it brings comfort and security to our companions in a very scary and stressful time. Stay with your companion. Hold them in your lap. Pet them. Speak softly and tell them you love them. It makes their experience easier and more comforting to have you there with them. The second thing is to have someone offer End of Life Reiki to your companion. Reiki will help them transition smoothly and bring a tremendous amount of comfort to your companion.

I was honored to perform and End of Life session last evening. During the session, the dog communicated with me. She had questions about her humans, where she would be going, if it was going to be painful, and if she would be remembered. I answered all her questions with love and honesty, reminding her that love has no boundaries. I told her she would be able to communicate with those left behind from the afterlife. I reminded her of how much she was and is loved. To be honest, the exchange was profound. I was crying the entire time, feeling her fear and love, sensing her humans pain as well. By the end of the session, and her life, there was a peace that I have never felt before. She was grateful for her humans presence and so thankful for receiving Reiki and being able to communicate her last thoughts. It was one of the most emotional and rewarding exchanges I have experienced.

Saying Goodbye is never easy. However, if you do these simple things it will make a very sad and sometimes emotionally traumatic event more peaceful and loving- for you and for your animal companion.

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