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A Glimpse into a Life Renewed

As an animal communicator, I have spoken to animals still living as well as those that have crossed over. For me, the connection is slightly different but communication is still very much possible and appreciated by the animals. In these session, both live and crossed over acknowledge "life after life" as well as reincarnation. Some live animals hint at memories from a past life or just knowing that their human was with them in another life. My dog Little Bear is one of these examples. He was with me in another life, our forms slightly different but our energy the same.

This week, I had a completely new experience for me. I was asked to connect to a dog who had crossed over. I made a connection but the dog who was talking to me was a live puppy. This completely threw me off. I thought for a moment I had the wrong animal and I rescheduled the appointment to "get my act together". Funny, I always blame myself if things are not as expected. Really, it has nothing to do with me. Whether the sessions are great or not, has nothing to do with me. I am only the messenger. My gifts are not of my doing, they are gifts from Spirit and I am blessed to have them. So, keeping this in mind, I meditated and asked my Guides for help.

As I was in a deep meditaion, I heard a small voice saying "It's me! I came back!". So I proceded to talk to this new puppy and found out a bit about his life. Before I get into his story, the different and amazing part of this is the feeling of walking between two worlds. This soul responded to my call but did so from his new body. It was a very different experience. The new puppy didn't answer, the original dog didn't answer, but the original dog in the new life as puppy answered! Amazing!

Because I know that animals don't lie, i trusted Spirit and trusted the process. This puppy was able to verify things for his original humans and validate quite a bit of information. He was also able to describe his new life. We were given the blessed opportunity to walk between both for a while, and I am so immensely grateful for that experience.

One of the most important messages for me was when I asked him why he came back. The puppy quickly answered and with excitement, "I have a purpose! I want, no need, to give love to those that don't feel it. He told me this was shown to him by his family and how they cared for him even when he was sick. They gave him comfort and love and medical attention even though they were uncomfortable with some of the medical things. They did what they could to help him. They gave him a sense of security.

The actions of his family ignited something inside him and that translated as his sense of purpose. After spending time across the Rainbow Bridge, he decided he would come back to live a life of service and love.

We all say things like "be kind" or "pay it forward" and all those lovely expressions. Here we have a situation that exemplifies what it really means. We may not see the results of our kindness immediately or ever, but the results are engraved in our energy and the energy of those who's lives we touched and results are everlasting.

My head is still spinning at the magnitude of this session. I am humbled to have been a part of something so meaningful. I will be forever grateful at having been shown once again that energy does not die- it simply changes form. It can break off into seperate shoots like the roots of tree- joined by the trunk but going off in different directions and creating new life in the process. How wonderful and miraculous is life!

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