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A look Into the life of Animals in their Natural Setting

I love to read! I read many different genres, I'm not especially particular. Recently, I picked up "Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel" by Carl Safina. I am so glad that I did.

Carl Safina takes us on a journey, literally, to various parts of the world, and describes observations that span decades. If you like animal documentaries, you will love this book! It is rich in detail, documentation of herds, packs, and pods. Safina's scientific data and logical interpretations give a wealth of information and insight to the animals observed.

I can't say I had a favorite part of the book. Each section was equally interesting and informative. It was both uplifting and somber. A wake-up call in some instances to how humans interfere with natures order. A inside look at the complexity of animal groups and their relationships. Communication is apparent. Feelings even more so.

If you ever doubted that animals think and feel, this book will lay your doubts to rest. Aside from that, the beauty of nature and all it's inhabitants is a wonder to behold. I had a hard time putting the book down. I couldn't wait to read what was going to happen next and learn about things that I could never experience, living in a suburb. I was even a little sad when I finished the book. Sad because I would no longer be a part of the world described in each section. I highly recommend this book. It's also available on Audible, if you are not fond of reading. A great find!

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