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Animal Communication

People seek out an animal communicator for many reasons. Some are curious about what their animal companion is really thinking, while others are concerned about a health issue. Weird behavior or changed behavior is another common reason. These are all really good reasons and very beneficial to the relationship (yours with your companion). After all, wouldn't you be happier in a relationship where the other being understands you?

Some questions, however, are not going to be answered in a session. Those questions are what I want to address in this blog.

1) When are you going to die? Animals, like humans, are not able to answer this. They do not know. They do not predict the future. What they can say to this question, is how they feel at the moment. Often times when asked this question, the animal will tell us "I don't know; I am very tired though", or "I am not sure but I feel great today!"

Don't get caught up in a timeline. Enjoy your animal companion while they are still with you. Watch their behavior. If they are having more bad days than good days, that is a pretty good indication that they are nearing the end. Please do not be selfish and do too much to keep them here. If your animal is in constant pain, losing control of its movements, isn't eating right, and has trouble moving around, giving MORE pain medication may not be the answer. Think about what is best for them and their quality of life.

2) Do you have a disease (cancer, diabetes, etc)? Again, animals cannot know the answer to this. A better question would be "How are you feeling?" or "does something hurt you?" Animals do not understand medical things. They can only tell you what they are feeling. Sometimes, what they are feeling is enough information to point the veterinarian in the right direction. This can give you a jump start on a medical issue that may have gone undetected.

3) Will you be okay in our new place? This question is confusing to the animals. How would they know? Oftentimes, they have not even seen the new place. Their main concern is "will I be going with you?". A better conversation can be "We are all moving to a new house! of course, you are coming with us! Please let me know if there is something in particular that you want to bring". Whenever my daughter and I packed to go on a long road trip, Little Bear always put his travel buddies right on top of my suitcase. lol He didn't want to forget them and he wanted to make sure I knew that he fully intended to come with us.

4) Why don't you act like other dogs? How would you feel if someone asked you that? I would be stumped and offended. I would start questioning myself. I don't know how I would answer that other than to say, I act like me. Dig deep and try to uncover what you really are asking. If you are disappointed that they do not behave or like things like other dogs (cats, horses), that is not their issue. Honestly, that is a human issue based on expectations that may or may not be realistic. Each animal is an individual. They may have similar characteristics as their specific breed, BUT, they are their own being. Love them for who they are, not for who you wanted them to be.

5) Why do you bark at .....?" Ok, this one they can generally answer. I am including it because I want people to understand that barking is their way of communicating. Dogs bark. Cats meow. People talk. Some people talk a lot, while others don't talk much at all. It is the same for animals.

There are many more unanswerable questions that I may address in a future blog. Yet, most can be worded in a way that the animal can relate to and answer. Animal Communication is a great gift. It allows your animal companion to tell you what they are thinking and feeling. It gives them a voice and a space to be heard. Sometimes what they think or feel, or the reason for a certain behavior is not in alignment with what you think they are thinking or feeling. How wonderful to get the truth directly from the animal!! Remember, an animal communication session is about giving your companion time to express themselves so that you can understand them better. What they tell you is what they feel or think. One thing you can bank on, animals do not lie. They are pure, unconditional love living in the moment. We can all learn something from our animal companions.....if we just listen.

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