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Animal Communication

One of the most common questions I get asked regarding animal communication, is "how does it work?" It's an obvious question but a great one! Humans have learned to communicate with each other even if the language is different. With a series of gestures and common phrases, we can with some difficulty, get by in a foreign country. Now, we have translation apps that really make communicating with our foreign neighbors much easier. But animals? How do they and we communicate together?

I have read a lot of material written by Penelope Smith, and have taken courses with Maia Kincaid, both wonderful animal communicators, and teachers. Principles may be the same, but their techniques are a little different, as are mine. All communicators work with the same basic principle and premises: 1) we are all energetic beings, 2) energy does not die but changes form; 3) telepathy is at the root of communication; How each communicator goes about connecting to animals and receiving their messages is purely the individual's preference.

I receive messages from animals in several ways, which I will discuss now in no particular order of importance. Again, this is strictly how I communicate with them. Each communicator has their own way based on their particular strengths and level of comfort. When I have a scheduled session, I like to have a picture of the animal to look at while I am meditating. For impromptu communications, I do not need one. The animals just pop in and tell me what they want. During my meditation, I always ask the animal permission to speak with them. I have never had someone tell me "no". Most animals are excited to be heard. Some may be apprehensive at first but are still curious. Once I get their approval, I have a conversation with them in my mind. I tap into the various claires and accept whatever comes to me. Sometimes I will see things, like a little movie, and other times still images. Words drop into my mind and sometimes full sentences. These are usually in my own voice; however, sometimes my voice sounds more childlike or more aggressive or takes on a different quality that represents the specific animal I am speaking with. On some occasions, I will smell something out of the blue. Other times, I will physically feel something that the animal is feeling. In addition to all of this, I will have a sense of knowing; I just know what they feel or mean.

The conversations with animals always teach me something, and hopefully, their human companions feel the same, too! Seeing life from their perspective is wonderful, and sometimes challenging. There have been times when the animal has told me something and their human disagrees with it in some way. I have to remind them, that this is about the animals' perspectives and feelings, Just like two humans who go through something together will think and feel differently about it, it is the same with animals. The key to a great conversation is listening, accepting, clarifying any misunderstandings, and love.

The best feeling for me is helping animals be heard, and helping humans understand their animals better. The animals share their likes and dislikes, their thoughts and feelings, and often have questions for their humans as well. I love facilitating the conversation and being part of something so magical Animals thrive in an environment where although living in a human world, are able to be themselves. Not all dogs are the same. Not all cats are the same. Not all horses are the same. Not all humans are the same. It is always best to hear directly from our friends how they feel about something, and then honor their feelings. It makes for a much healthier relationship.

What are some of your best animal moments? The ones where you said something and you knew your companion understood you. Not a command, but a sentence you spoke and they responded appropriately. Let me know about it! I love to hear them. When you do have those instances, marvel at THEIR ability to understand and hear you. We often think humans are superior, but animals have their superior qualities too! Message me here or on Facebook ( with your stories. =)

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