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Animal Wisdom

It has been a while since I have blogged. It isn't for lack of material, but rather a lack of drive on my part. The end of the year can get that way for me, as I tend to spend a lot of time planning social events and daydreaming about the social events and if I am lucky, attending the social events! I also spend a lot of time baking and creating dishes I think my loved ones will enjoy. I enjoy the process, regardless. Between all of this, I had many animal communication sessions that have enlightened me or reminded me of what it means to be a member of planet earth.

Humans like to believe that we are the smartest beings on earth, and perhaps in some regards, we have surpassed our neighbors. However, in excelling at some things, we have lost much. I often wonder if the trade-off was worth it. When I speak with the animals, they never remind me to invent more machinery or to build more buildings, they never say to work harder, love less, or destroy more. Never. In fact, the complete opposite is true. Animals, regardless of their species, talk about spending more time together, working less, being in nature more, slowing down, and being joyful. They all speak of being more caring, helpful, and kind. None of the animals are impressed with the technology humans are obsessed with. None of them want more construction to destroy trees and land.

Beginning with my own Little Bear, each animal always asks that their humans slow down and be more joyful. To be joyful is so important to them, so much so that I wanted to really understand what being joyful means. I mean, I know what it means but it seemed like what the animals were saying was so much more than how we understand the word. I looked up the definition and then meditated on it for a little, asking my animal guides to show me their meaning. The dictionary meaning is "Feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure and happiness". Sounds lovely. It also sounds like we don't truly embrace being joyful. Not on a regular basis anyway. I think humans are so busy working and trying to save for a big vacation or a big house or just trying to make ends meet that we are not joyful in each moment of each day. We store that expectation of joy for the big event. "When such and such happens, then I can celebrate and be joyful". The problem is, that a lot happens from a to z and will continue again in a cycle with new wants and goals. The expectations are great, almost too much to satisfy. We never get to the truly joyful place.

In their wisdom, the animals remind us to SLOW DOWN. Be more simple. Work with your hands more (crafts, gardening, art). Sit in silence and enjoy the rise and fall of your breath. Walk barefoot in the grass (weather permitting-although 3 mins won't harm you in the cold) and ground yourself. Practice wanting fewer things and instead create more experiences, either alone or shared with a loved one. Give to someone in need. These do not have to be costly. The animals express it as MORE TIME. Give your time.

My mom used to say " On their deathbeds, no one has ever said they wished they worked more". She was correct. The animals say the same thing. Whenever my human clients ask their animals "Is there anything else I can do for you?", across the board, each animal responded with "more time" and "relax". More time together and to relax. I repeated that on purpose. So simple but so true.

In 2023, let us all let go of things that don't really serve us. Let's stop rushing. Let's start creating. Let us all be kinder. Let us enjoy each moment no matter what it is. Let go of the devices. Let us practice sitting still and enjoying our own thoughts. Let us enjoy nature. Really look at nature. Appreciate it because after humans are gone from this earth, nature will recoup and continue. I personally ask that everyone make a shift in how you think about animals. They are not less than us. They have different skill sets, and their wisdom is priceless.

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