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I have been trying to think of something to write about and I have been "stuck' because of several things that have irritated me lately. I keep going over them, round and round in my head, and unable to let them go. So, in an effort to let them go, I decided to rant about it to my blog followers. Maybe one of you has a solution or piece of advice?

1) I understand that people are busy and don't have a whole lot of time to chat when walking their dogs. Lives are busy. However, they are as busy as you make them. Walking a dog is not only their "bathroom break", but a time to explore, socialize, and get some exercise. If you do not allow your dog to say hello to other dogs, you are doing them a great injustice. You wanted a dog and clearly knew this meant walking them. Get up early so you have time to give them a proper walk. It is the very least to be done as a dog parent.

2) Dogs are the only animals humans took under their possession that cannot relieve themselves when they want to. Unless they have a yard with a doggie door for free access or are kept outside (more on that in a moment), dogs are expected to hold it in for a ridiculous amount of time. Most dogs get two walks per day; some lucky dogs get three. If you think this is normal, put yourself on their "bathroom" schedule. How would you feel? Could it be that so many dogs have cancer and kidney issues because they are holding toxins in their body for most of the day?

3) Crates. So many people swear by them and some trainers even suggest it. People who use crates even convince themselves that their dog "loves" their crate. This is nonsense. I have not spoken to one animal that loves being caged. Dogs (and other animals that are caged) get used to it, and they make the most of it. They don't have a choice. But they do not love it. Your home should be a place of comfort and security for them. They should not need to be in a small cage to feel safe. They are not in prison where their cell is the only reprieve from the general population. Make your home their home.

4) Outdoor dogs. I suppose this depends on the breed and the geographic location. In suburbia and urban settings, dogs should never be kept outside only. Dogs are pack animals and you are their pack. Isolating them is mentally and emotionally cruel.

5) Berating your animal. I was walking my dog and a man was yelling at his dog calling him stupid and other things. Without going into detail, the man was a brute. The dog was young. The man was upset because the dog barked and didn't sit on command. if you are not going to be kind to your animal, do not get one. Regarding their intelligence, plop yourself in a foreign country with totally different customs and see how easy it is to learn. It can be done, but not if you are hit and berated from the start.

Animals are beautiful and put up with a lot of mess from human beings. We capture them and expect them to live in our world; many do willingly, but that does not mean it is natural or easy. Humans expect a lot from our animals and most rise to the occasion. We do not deserve them. They are unconditional love and humans are conditional and selfish. Humans expect obedience, gratitude, and love but often do not even consider what we expect them to do or give up.

I am not advocating letting dogs or any animal rule the roost. Training is important. So is flexibility on our part. Do you want your animal to be their unique personality or do you want a robot whose very soul was broken? If humans are not willing to respect their animals, recognize them as having their own personality, work with them to create a relationship that compliments your family, and realize that humans created a dependency on us and therefore we are responsible for them for the rest of their lives, then do not get an animal companion. Just don't.

Thank you for letting me rant. I would love positive communication and feedback from my readers. I think together we can change how we think and make a better world for our animals and for us.

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