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Life after Life

As an animal communicator, I am blessed and honored to speak with animals that are alive and those that have crossed over. Speaking with animals who have passed can be very emotional. I feel what they feel for their humans. Read that again. The sadness that is felt is not the animal feeling sad but picking up on their human's sadness. Sadness at their passing is a human experience. The animals, for the most part, are joyful.

Why do I say "for the most part"? Because there is always an exception. In those rare cases, communication and reiki can be very helpful to help them let go and fully transition. These animals, in my experience, are not joyful because they feel their purpose was not fulfilled. That generally happens when the death is sudden, or they are separated from their family and then pass.

Communicating with our pets who have crossed over is healing for us. People seem to have the same questions regardless of religious beliefs. I thought I would put together a brief list of common questions clients ask along with a brief & general response. For a more detailed and personalized response, feel free to message me to set up an appointment. You will not be disappointed!

1- Are they OK? YES! When a soul leaves a body, the soul returns to Source. The soul is Energy and energy never dies, it just changes form.

2- Are they in pain? NO! It is the physical body that feels pain, aging, diseases, and trauma. The Soul is pure and free.

3- Are they mad at me for making the decision to let them go? NO! When a body dies, the soul is reunited and returned to Source. At this point, everything is understood. Any negativity is released. The Soul is joyful and glad. This does not give anyone a pass to mistreat an animal or let them go early. Those are the choices that you will have to deal with and be accountable for in the end. In a healthy and normal relationship, however, the animals do not hold resentment or anger in the afterlife

4- Who are they with? Souls are reunited with other souls in the family line and also others from their previous lives (if they have had more than one).

5-Do they miss me? Yes and No. It is not the same as we feel it here on Earth. That is reserved for us. For them, they can see us whenever they want. They visit often.

When I communicate with animals who have passed, I see them in the body that they had when with you. Sometimes, I see them in their healthier and younger form. Deformities, amputations, and age-related changes are all gone. Vision and hearing is sharp and fur is shiny! The animal is showing me the best version of their physical form. It is only a visual for my benefit and for their family. They no longer need their body. The Soul shines brightly and moves around freely.

There are many animal communicators out there now, and we each have our own special gifts and methods of communication. I have always preferred virtual sessions because I find it less distracting for ME. It also means I can help people without the limitations of the locality. It works for me.

Little Bear, the true author of "Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale", came up with the phrase "Life after Life". I was questioned about it during the editing process, but Little Bear insisted on keeping it and I am glad I did. It is such a hope-filled and joyful way to look at death. Life continues even after our physical bodies die. There is a beautiful Life to be lived after the life we are aware of living. This is true for humans as well as animals. "Life after Life" is what all religions promise and I am so grateful to have caught a glimpse through animal communication.

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