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It is all important......

This weather has created a very pensive mood for me today. I'm spending more time than usual reading FB posts and getting caught up in the social media frenzy. I can honestly say that this is one of the least healthy choices of how to spend time, at least for me. So many posts are sassy, having an "I don't care, it doesn't matter" attitude. It is as if people find strength in negating someone else's feelings or strength in acting as if they don't have feelings. To say "I don't care" is probably one of the most hurtful things someone can say, in my opinion. It is hurtful, dismissive, and in most cases the farthest from the truth.

As usual, I turned to Little Bear for cheering up. Today, as on most days, I long for his company and silly antics. While I can still communicate with him when he is not occupied, it is not the same as having his physical body here. Yet, I cannot change that. Instead, I accept and ask him for signs.

Today, a copy of Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale, fell off the desk. I was home alone and in the other room when I heard something fall. There it was, on the floor. I picked it up and fanned out the pages, thinking that whichever page I stopped at, would be a message that I needed to hear. The page was #135. I began reading where my eyes first made contact with the page. It was the second paragraph.

"After all, every experience makes us into who we are and brings us either a step closer to or further from our life's purpose. It is a part of life. Part of each of us. Everything is important. How we react to events is more important than the event itself. ..."

I read the passage twice. I could not believe that this was the passage after my morning thoughts regarding attitude and a not caring or not important mindset. Little Bear is very clear in his opinion: everything is important! He is right! EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT!

Every action has a reaction. Those reactions have a reaction. Cause and effect. Words affect outcomes and have the power to bring joy or sadness. Financial abundance or lack can mold someone's thinking and that can either create a positive or negative relationship with money. That mindset can make someone work hard or give up. Every decision has alternative decisions and each has its own set of results. So, everything is important. How you treat someone, what you say to someone, what you say about someone, how you behave or how you don't all matters.

If we recognize the importance of our own behavior, perhaps we will take more care in what we say and do. If we acknowledge that simple thought, that everything is important, wouldn't we act more kindly? If everyone put kindness above all else, there would be no racism, no hate, no cruelty, no greed, no war. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. If you make one change today, let it be to acknowledge that everything and everyone matters.

Little Bear. Such a curious little one. So much wisdom in such a little body.

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