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Heaven on Earth

We are taught in religious studies that there is a Heaven and a Hell. I'm not here to debate that or any religion. I will, however, suggest that we can create Heaven on earth. I'm going to start by calling Heaven the name that animals have told me they call it: JOY.

When my dog passed away, there was a lot of communication between us. I feel blessed with the details of his journey crossing over. It was painful for me, since I was missing him, but it was also therapeutic. Little Bear showed me everything he was experiencing, and it is absolutely breathtaking! He was the first being that told me they called this land JOY. He was not the last.

JOY is "the most beautiful place in the Universe. As mentioned earlier, every Being is safe. There are animals of every kind here, but none of us hurts another. We all live harmoniously." (pg. 201, Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale)

One of the lessons I learned through communicating with the animals, is that they all live in the moment. They understand that each life affects another. They do not think they are more important than another being. Animals move through life having no negative impact on the world. What they take, is replenished. They are kind, even predators will let their prey be if they are not hungry or in extreme situations. It has been shown on many documentaries, lions drinking from the same water source as their prey when there is a drought, for example. Humans complicate everything and destroy much. They take and take and never replenish. They think they are superior to all other beings. They waste resources and create negative situations (factory farming, chemicals poisoning land and sea, mass destruction and wars)


In order to live life joyfully, as the animals do, we must simplify and be more present. Teach ourselves to want less. Use only what is necessary. Replenish and care for the earth. Share. Change our thinking and learn to respect all beings and nature. In communicating with Little Bear, my animal clients, and wild animals both land and sea, I have learned a few things. Animals, as a whole, are upset with humans. We are not taking care of the planet and that affects all beings and nature. The animals tell me that humans are responsible for much pain and sadness. Sticking with the religious references, we say it all started with the proverbial apple. Greed. Not just greed, but thinking we know better than the Creator. That's the Ego. Humans live from the Ego. Animals are heart-centered. Even when predators kill for survival, they do it swiftly. They find the weakest who would struggle to survive the elements and they kill that being swiftly. They do not torture. Animals also do not kill for sport. Animals do not litter or create waste that is dangerous to others. The animals' messages to me range from "Be more present" to "Stop polluting everything and tearing down nature". Every message in between just as important as the next.

If we truly want to create "heaven on earth", we have to start with ourselves. Stop killing, stop waste, stop destroying lands, stop polluting the seas, stop building more structures and plant more trees. We have heard all of this before; I remember first hearing about this in the 80's and here we are still saying the same things. Yet, we are not doing it because of greed. Of course, some people are conscientious. There are a lot of great organizations that are doing their part and making huge strides to improve the health of the planet. We just need more of them. We need people as individuals to get on board. We need heart-centered living, which begins with being present in the moment and living simply. Living joyfully begins with embracing nature. Respecting nature and letting go of our need to control; letting go of our superiority complex.

I saw this quote this morning, and it prompted this post, so I will leave it here as the closing statement. It speaks to all beings, not just humans. It highlights being good and living in joy. It is a prayer for heaven on earth.

"May all beings moving through this world

be showered and blessed with goodness and joy."

~Tibetan Prayer

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