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"Say Goodbye For Now" - book review

I have always loved to read. Summer reading lists were embraced and cherished, where most of my classmates grimaced and dreaded them. I especially loved when we were able to pick our own books. Often, I would read more than the required because I loved reading about things, learning new perspectives, and just FEELING whatever the author wanted us to feel.

Writing became a natural extension for me. I was able to create stories early on, and also loved the writing assignments in school Truth be told, my first career choice was to be a journalist or author. Somehow, that didn't happen until recently. In my 50's, I finally decided "Why not?".

"Say Goodbye For Now", by Catherine Ryan Hyde is one of my newest favorite books. I connected with many characters on different levels. Of course, having a dog as one of the characters was especially enjoyable to me!

The story is about life, love, healing, and learning to trust again. Don't we all feel these things? Don't we all want to experience the joys of life and love, healing old wounds, and embracing life instead of hiding away?

I give this book my thumbs up! It was well written and captivated my attention. I could barely put the book down!

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