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The Benefits of Nature

"It felt so good to be outside! We walked and walked and walked. The more we walked, the better I felt. Mommy too. She was no longer upset and was shedding her dark cloak. The aggravation and negativity that she brought home was slipping away. I felt my mood improving with each step. There were so many smells and things to explore. " (2020, FInding Joy: A Dog's Tale, p 72)

The winter months make it difficult for some of us ( I hate the cold!) to get out and enjoy nature, even in it's barren state. However, it is important to get out daily, if even for 10 minutes. Stand on your porch or sidewalk, if you don't want to walk and breath deeply. Look at the trees, the sky, the little creatures busy foraging for food and materials to warm their nests. Take those ten minutes to be fully present with nature. With each breath, you will feel a weight lifted.

In Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale, Little Bear realized early on the importance of his walks. It was not just to relieve himself, but it was for exercise, change of scenery and releasing any pent up negativity from the day- for both him and his human! If you have an animal companion, you know exactly how it feels, IF you are present in the walks. Put the phone away. Walk with your companion and see things through their eyes. Breath. Smell. Look around. The world will continue after we are here. It continues regardless of the job we have, or the relationships we are in. Walk. Breathe. Let go.

I found walking Little Bear such a blessing. It literally changed my mood from tense and aggravated to happy and joyful. It was his gift to me, not just an act for necessity. A true gift. Everyday was an opportunity to release negativity and discover new things. Sometimes he would find something gross, like a bone leftover from someone's dinner, but mostly he made me aware of all the little creatures that share space with us.

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